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Review- Doctor Who Season 11 Ep. 9: It Takes You Away

Apparently I’m fuming, I’m done and I hate frogs. Well according to the Daily Express that’s what all of the shows fans are saying. There are also fans saying that ‘using a fake anonymous quote to back up your opinion is just lazy journalism’.

So here we are we the penultimate episode of series 11; a series that has really pushed many in the political right to its limits. They’re saying it’s over, it’s dead. Well ‘It Takes You Away’ more than disproves their criticism.

A wonderfully complex plot twisted and turned its way through an emotional rollercoaster. Once again in was Bradley Walsh adding the emotional depth. His characters reunion with his late wife and the decision he was to make were gut-wrenching. Relative newcomer Eleanor Wallwork was a revelation as ‘Hanne’. Abandoned and almost resigned to her fate, you could hear the fear in her voice.

There was also an uncharacteristically (perhaps his turn in ‘Dead Set’ is an exception) horror based performance from ‘the actor’ Kevin Eldon. The image of a flesh moth crawling from his eye socket will stay with me for a while.

And then there’s the frog. I understand that some fans have been upset by what they saw as quite a trivial ending. I enjoyed it; there was a hint of former show runner and ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ writer Douglas Adams about it. Also visually it reminded me of something Terry Gilliam might have used in 1985 film ‘Brazil’.

Another episode from series 11 I’ve really enjoyed. I’m already looking forward to series 12.

Rated out of 10: 9

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