Cult TV Essentials

Cult TV Essentials: Time Express

Running for four episodes in 1979, Time Express was an anthology fantasy series created by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts.

Similar to Fantasy Island, guests would arrive each week to be welcomed aboard the Time Express by the husband and wife hosts Jason and Margaret Winters (Vincent Price and Coral Browne). Also on the train were R.J. Walker the conductor (played by James Reynolds), the Ticket clerk (played by Woodrow Parfrey) and Engineer Callahan (played by William Phipps). Once onboard, The Time Express would take its passengers back to relive a crucial point in their lives which usually resulted in two different stories each week.

In the first episode Garbage Man/Doctor’s Wife Edward Chernoff (Jerry Stiller) returns to Cleveland in 1969 to return money($2 Million) that he had found whilst Dr. Mark Tolen (James MacArthur) returns to search for his wife’s brother who he needs for a life-saving operation.

The next episode The Copy-Writer/The Figure Skater, involves two tales of lost love. The first involves a shy copy-writer who went to Paris for a shoot and meets the beautiful model but due to a series of events he messes up his chance of a relationship with her but now gets a second chance. In the other tale a young skater Jill Martin (played by Terri Nunn) who three years ago while competing in Montreal meets another skater and falls in love. They want to pursue a relationship but a woman who claims to be “with” him tells her and she leaves and then regrets it the rest of her life.

The third episode Rodeo/Cop deals with redemption where in one tale a rodeo rider returns to 1977 when he was injured, creating an unstable living situation for his daughter; whilst in the other tale an L.A. detective returns to 1973 when he got shot in the arrest of a suspected diamond thief but begins to wonder if the suspect was ever really guilty.

The fourth and final episode was called The Boxer/Death and featured an in-joke where a boxing card advertising a match between Phil Macaluso and Eddie Baer. Macaluso was the episode’s property master and Baer was the set decorator.



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