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The Tick

Created by Ben Edlund, The Tick was adapted from the comic of the same name and hit our screens in 1994. It ran for three seasons (36 episodes).

The series is a superhero parody that opens with us being  introduced to The Tick (voiced by Townsend Coleman), a superhero who underwent the tryouts at the National Super Institute in Reno, Nevada where superheroes who pass will be assigned to the best cities to protect from crime. Upon passing and/or gatecrashing the tryouts, he is assigned to The City.

When The Ticka rrives in The City he soon befriends a former mild mannered accountant named Arthur (voiced by Micky Dolenz in Season 1 and Rob Paulsen in Seasons 2-3) whom becomes his sidekick.

As the episodes progress The Tick and Arthur join up with other superheroes including Die Fledermaus (voiced by Cam Clarke), American Maid (voiced by Kay Lenz), and Sewer Urchin (voiced by Jess Harnell). They often battle against the evil plans of Chairface Chippendale (voiced by Tony Jay), Breadmaster (originally voiced by Roddy McDowall in his first appearance and then by Jess Harnell), El Seed (voiced by Ed Gilbert), and The Terror (voiced by Rob Paulsen).

Each episode would usually feature The Tick delivering a surreal moral message about what we had learned today towards the end of the story.

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