Cult Movie Essentials

Cult Movie Essentials: Mahakaal (1993)

Directed by Shyam Ramsay and Tulsi Ramsay, Mahakaal (aka The Monster aka Time of Death) was an Indian horror movie that bares more than a passing resemblance to A Nightmare on Elm Street.

As the film opens we meet a young student named Seema (Kunika) who is having nightmares about being attacked by a disfigured man who wears a steel claw gloves. The nightmare is so scary it wakes Seema up where she discovers the wounds she suffered in her dreams are real!

The same thing later happens to Seema’s friend Anita (Archana Puran Singh) who also is chased by a disfigured man who wears a steel claw gloves in her dreams. Anita discusses it with her parents. By chance her father (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) is a policeman, but just like John Saxon is some movie I have totally forgotten about by this point, he does not want to know about it and claims not to believe her. At this point my spider sense is telling me he is going to buy window bars for the house! One thing I was not prepared for was the character Canteen (played by Johnny Lever). See below:

That night Seema is attacked and killed by the man in her dreams and her boyfriend is locked up in a cell. The boyfriend is then killed as well after he dreams about the steel claw gloves man setting snakes on him. He is believed to have died from a snake bite but Anita knows better!

In a shocking plot revelation *SPOILERS* Anita and her mother (Reema Lagoo) catch Anita’s father taking out a metal clawed glove from his drawer. Upon being confronted he reveals that several years ago an evil magician Shakal was kidnapping children and sacrificing them to increase his evil powers. One of his victims was Anita’s sister. He was dealt with at the time so he couldn’t be back? Could he?

Later Freddy… sorry Shakal kidnaps Anita but luckily her Dad remembers where his base was and goes there with Anita’s boyfriend Prakash (Karan Shah). They kill him once again and save the day.

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