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The Incredibles 2 (2018)

Does this one even need an introduction? We all have waited 14 years for this one and it’s my sad duty to say that The Incredibles 2 was……………fantastic. I must say I loved this film and while it is hard for me to see without nostalgia goggles I shall try to be as objective as possible.

The film picks up right after the first film ends, with The Underminer attacking Metroville and The Incredibles rushing off to stop him. The film may at first seem like a retread of the original, with one of the elder supers rushing off to fight crime while the other stays at home with the children, but this is not the case.

In this film Elastigirl leaves, which means that Mr Incredible is ill advisedly left to care for the children. Voice acting in this film is excellent, with the characters not seeming to have aged a day since last we heard them, with the exception of Dash and Rick Dicker, both of whom are voiced by different actors for different reasons.

The role reversal works rather well, with the first film’s establishing of Bob as a stereotypical gruff dad being played off in this film. His character is developed further, by showing that he actually does care about his family and is willing to let his wife have the spotlight.

Indeed he finds that he quite likes spending time with the children, and that the job of being a parent is more than a challenging job. Helen was also excellent in this film, with her character being more than ready to jump back into the solo superhero game, proving that she is more than a typical suburban 50’s housewife and that she can hold her own in combat. She also proves to be far more precise and accurate with her heroism, as she is chosen to be the face of the Super’s return due to her lower propensity for property damage.

Jack Jack was incredibly cute and lovable, with the exploration of his powers and the dynamic with Edna Mode being two strong points of this film. His racoon fight was interesting as well, with the fight and choreography flowing expertly.

Frozone was excellent as Samuel L Jackson is usually want to be, and I thoroughly enjoyed the small action sequence where he teamed up with the Parr children to escape the new, enslaved supers. Speaking of, the villain of this film is a tad weak, and it is the villain wherein this film begins to come undone slightly.

The new villain is Screenslaver, and aims to enslave the Supers of the world via screens and make them do evil deeds to keep heroism illegal. The villain’s motivation is good, with it stemming from the failure of the Super’s to save her father from being shot by thieves. This is in stark contrast to her brother who believes that Superhero legalisation would have prevented his dad’s demise. This also provides a secondary motivation of wanting to strengthen the human race as she believes that expecting a superhero to save you will make you weak and lazy. In terms of characterisation she is rather similar to Syndrome, the villain from the previous film, and indeed her plan of reinventing an Incredible to betray and lure the rest of the Supers in is essentially exactly the same. While the villain wasn’t the best and while the plot bore some similarities to the prior film, this one does still stand on its own merit, and did quite a bit to further the Incredibles-a-verse.

I see this film as both a sequel and also semi-reboot, allowing for fans new and old to enjoy it and I assume that now hype has been reignited they will likely make a third one not too soon despite their prior claims of not doing more sequels.

VERDICT: Overall, I would say that The Incredibles 2 was a thoroughly good time, and despite the obvious and possibly lazy parallels to the first film I found it to be a solid sequel with some surprisingly nuanced views on the Ubermensch and society as a whole. Overall I would give it a 7/10


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