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Power Rangers Mystic Force

Power Rangers Mystic Force was the fourteenth season of the Power Rangers franchise. It was based on the Super Sentai series, Mahou Sentai Magiranger. The series launched in February 2006 and ran for 32 episodes. The show starts by flashing back to twenty years previously where in a magical parallel world the great battle between good and evil is underway!

The evil forces are led by a powerful warrior named Morticon (voiced by Andrew Robertt) who wants to take over the magic realm then move across and take over the human realm. Luckily five wizards led by Leanbow (played by Chris Graham) stand their ground and battle the evil forces eventually casting a spell that sends them to the underworld and allows the Gatekeeper (Antonia Prebble) to seal the gates for all eternity. The cost of victory was great though with all the wizards loosing their lives and Leanbow sealing himself on their side of the Gate to make sure the evil forces did not escape.

In the present day city of Briarwood an earthquake strikes and cracks the Gatekeeper’s seal, allowing Morticon’s evil forces to escape. The sorceress Udonna (Peta Rutter) understands what has happened and that evil has returned seeks out “five warriors of legend” who happen to be five teenagers living in Briarwood. These teenagers become the Mystic Force Power Rangers alongside her. The rangers are:

  • Nick “Bowen” Russell, the Red Mystic Ranger (played by Firass Dirani)
  • Vida “V” Rocca, the Pink Mystic Ranger (played by Angie Diaz)
  • Charlie “Chip” Thorn, the Yellow Mystic Ranger (played by Nic Sampson)
  • Xander Bly, the Green Mystic Ranger (played by Richard Brancatisano)
  • Madison “Maddie” Rocca, the Blue Mystic Ranger (played by Melanie Vallejo)

As the series develops Udonna loses her Ranger powers to the mysterious Koragg (voiced by Geoff Dolan) and it is up to the Rangers to save the Earth on their own. They are assisted by Udonna’s bumbling apprentice, Clare, and eventually Jenji the Genie (voiced by Oliver Driver) and his master Daggeron, the Solaris Knight (John Tui).

Using their powerful magic and incredible martial arts skills, the Mystic Force Power Rangers must rely on teamwork to save the day in their ongoing battle. There are a few twists and turns along the way before that happens that I wont spoil here!

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