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What Ever Happened To Crusher Hogan (Amazing Spider-Man #271)

Hitting shelves in late 1985, Amazing Spider-Man #271 reintroduced Spider-Man’s first ever opponent, the wrestler Joseph “Crusher” Hogan who was last seen way back in Amazing Fantasy #15 back in 1962.

When we catch up with Crusher Hogan he is now a retired wrestler working at a gym to support his family telling tall tales of how he trained a young Spider-Man.

Crusher has worked out that the skinny masked guy who defeated him must of been Spider-Man and has since told tales of how he guided Spider-Man to become a better athlete and hero. In Crusher’s stories it is he who invents the web-shooters and fluid and after finally teaching Spider-Man all he can he gives him a costume that he has designed for him and sends him out in the world to help people.

Through the story we learn about the evil Manslaughter Marsdale, an enforcer for the local crime syndicate, who intimidates and threatens fighters at the gym including a young Bobby Chance that Crusher has taken under his wing. Crusher overhears Manslaughter being given instructions to re-sign Bobby Chance to a new contract or to leave him in a condition where he is unable to fight ever again.

By a rather huger fortuitous moment Spider-Man just happens to be swinging by as Crusher Hogan and Bobby Chance are confronted by Manslaughter and his lackeys. A fight ensues with Hogan jumping in to defend Spider-Man to no avail.

Eventually Spider-Man overcomes Manslaughter Marsdale and in a warming ending gives props to Crusher Hogan…



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