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Cult Comic Essentials: Judge Dredd – The Robot Wars (2000 AD progs 9–17)

Written by John Wagner, with art by Ron Turner, Mike McMahon, Ian Gibson, and Carlos Ezquerra, Judge Dredd: The Robot Wars burst onto the pages of 2000AD in 1977 with a prologue appearing in Prog 9 and the full story kicking off in Prog 10.

As the story begins we meet a robot called Call-Me-Kenneth who goes crazy and starts killing people until Judge Dredd arrives and appears to destroy it. Call-Me-Kenneth is soon revived in a brand new body and is “reprogrammed.” It is soon revealed that Call-Me-Kenneth has been reactivated before his malignant persona could be removed .

Upon reactivation Call-Me-Kenneth kills the human technician that restored him and begins a movement/revolution where he calls upon the droids of the city to rise up against their masters.

Dredd is disgusted by this and approaches his superiors to pass stricter anti-robot laws to deal with the threat. They refuse so he resigns his post. Soon war breaks out leaving Dredd with no choice but to return to active duty.

As the war escalates the Judges are almost defeated by Call-Me-Kenneth‘s robot uprising. Luckily for the Judges a number of droids remain loyal. These droids, along with Dredd begin a resistance movement against Call-Me-Kenneth‘s robot uprising.

Call-Me-Kenneth‘s robot uprising soon become disillusioned with their “new order.” Droids become slave labour amongst other things.

Eventually Dredd tracks down Call-Me-Kenneth for a final confrontation on the city’s weather control centre, where only one of them will get to walk away…

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