Cult Movie Essentials

Cult Movie Essentials: Body Melt (1993)

Body Melt follows the residents of Pebbles Court in the Melbourne suburb of Homesville in Australia. The residents are actually unknowing test subjects for a new variety of “Vimuville” dietary supplement pills that arrive for free in their mailboxes. The pills are designed to produce the ultimate healthy human, but have unexpected side effects including hallucinations and mutations.

A previous test subject races to Pebbles Court to warn them not to take the pills but he arrives too late, and crashes his car and is killed by tentacles growing out of his throat. This is investigated by Senior Detective Sam Phillips (Gerard Kennedy) and his rookie partner Johnno (Andrew Daddo)who discover the pill plot and try to stop it.

As expected, the residents take the pills and the results are horrifying! From liquid flesh, to elongated tongues, exploding stomachs, exploding penises, imploding heads, monstrous births, tentacles growing out of the face, living mucus, sentient placentas, and a lot more!

Ultimately more and more of the residents of the Pebbles Court mutate or die horrific deaths, until almost every character has been dispatched…

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