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Cult Comic Essentials: The New Titans – Titans Hunt (#71-84)

Written by Marv Wolfman and art by Tom Grummett and Al Vey, Titans Hunt ripped apart The New Titans and introduced a whole new batch of characters and traumas to the team!

As the story opens Nightwing reflects on the various Titans’ beginnings, due to the upcoming anniversary party, and one by one the Titans are captured by the Wildebeest who is revealed to be part of a Wildebeest Society. Later the Wildebeest fights and brutally attempts to murder Aqualad and the Golden Eagle. After this, Deathstroke, hired by Steve Dayton, attacks Wildebeest.

With Titans falling all over the place, the Wildebeest society massacres the people of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and then goes after Danny Chase. A wildebeest appears to kill Chase although it is later revealed to be Nightwing acting as an undercover agent in a Wildebeest costume.

As Nightwing infiltrates the Wildebeest Society many shocking revelations are discovered including who is behind the whole plan to begin with!






It turns out that the Wildebeest Society has fallen under the sway of the former New Titan Jericho (who himself had been possessed by all of the disparate souls of Azarath).

Under the leadership of Jericho, the Wildebeest Society began conducting a series of genetic chemical-organic experiments to create the perfect host bodies for the evil spirits to possess. They began their genetic alterations on humans and animals. All of their experiments failed except for the human/panther hybrid labelled X-24 (who later became Pantha) which escaped and vowed vengeance on the Wildebeest Society.

Jericho then staged an elaborate “Titans Hunt” to capture current and former members of the Teen Titans in order to acquire host bodies to contain the souls of Azarath when their experiments were failing to yield results. The Titans were rescued by Pantha, Arella, Phantasm, Red Star, and Jericho’s father Deathstroke.

At the conclusion of this affair, the Wildebeest Society was destroyed and Jericho was killed at the hands of Deathstroke when Jericho broke free from the possession and begged his father to kill him. The final experiment by the Wildebeest Society called Baby Wildebeest fell into the Teen Titans’ custody.

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