Cult TV Essentials

Cult TV Essentials: Starhyke

Whilst only six episodes were made, Starhyke remains popular to those who watched it, especially those who were fans of Claudia Christian. The show takes place in the year 3034 at a time when humans have become emotionless drones bent on expansion by destroying any alien species they encounter. A ship commanded by Captain Belinda Blowhard (Claudia Christian) called the Nemesis sets out to destroy an alien race called the Reptids, who plan to unleash a biological weapon that would reawaken all human emotion. The Reptids’ aim is to unleash the emotion of compassion, hoping that the emotion would stop humanity from its destructive endeavors.

The weapon is released on the crew of the Nemesis as the evading Reptid ship time travels back into the early 21st century; the Nemesis, the only ship with time-traveling capabilities, pursues the Reptids to the past — only to be overwhelmed by their own emotions. Now lost in the 21st century, they aim to tackle their emotions while trying to discover a cure and prevent the Reptids from succeeding.

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