Cult Comic Essentials

Armageddon 2001

The year is 2051, the DC Universe has become a bleak, dystopian future ruled over by Monarch – an oppressive tyrant. The people of Earth are unhappy and fear Monarch, in particular a scientist named Matthew Ryder, who just so happens to be an expert on temporal studies. Ryder is convinced he could use his technology to travel back in time and prevent the maniacal ruler from ever coming to power.

Through research Ryder learns that in the late 20th century one of Earth’s superheroes had become evil and by the year 2001 this hero had killed all of his comrades, assumed the identity of Monarch, and began his rise to global domination.

The problem Ryder has is that Monarch has always appeared in a suit of full body armour so his his/her prior Superhero identity is unknown.

By chance Ryder is chosen by Monarch to take part in a time-travel experiment, where he travels back to 1991 (the year in which the series was published).

As he travelled through the rift, Ryder’s body mutated into a form of living temporal energy, and upon arriving at his destination, he took the name Waverider.

Finding himself ten years before Monarch’s massacre of Earth’s heroes, Waverider becomes determined to find out who Monarch really was and, if possible, kill him/her before he/she could rise to power…

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