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The Crib Sheet: Twin Peaks (Seasons 1 and 2)

The Crib Sheet – Twin Peaks (1990)

Welcome to The Crib Sheet – your essential guide to cult television shows! The aim of The Crib Sheet is for you to print it out and have it with you as you plunge through your next boxset.

It aims to point out all the facts and screw ups of your favourite cult television shows as well as answer those important questions like:  What was that guy in? Why did she vanish halfway through season 1? Is this what they really planned? Plus a whole lot more! 

Episode 1 – Pilot Episode – “North West Passage”

In the feature-length pilot episode, the small town of Twin Peaks, Washington, is shaken up when the body of high school student Laura Palmer is discovered near a riverbank, wrapped in plastic. FBI Agent Dale Cooper is called by local sheriff Harry Truman when Ronnette Pulaski, a schoolmate of Laura, is found wandering on a bridge and then slips into a coma. Cooper sees a connection between Laura’s death and the murder of another girl one year earlier. After finding a piece of paper under Laura’s fingernail, similar to one he found in the fingernail of the girl who died earlier, Cooper suspects that same killer might have struck again. Meanwhile, Sheriff Truman arrests Laura’s boyfriend, Bobby Briggs, who is secretly having an affair with a married woman named Shelly Johnson. Afterwards, Laura’s mother has a terrifying nightmare.

Isn’t that…

  • Ben DiGregorio (Snake Eater, Desire, Cherry) as Max Hartman
  • Majorie Nelson (The Slender Thread) as Janice Hogan
  • Tawnya Pettiford-Wates  (Foe Hammer in Halo) as Dr. Shelvy
  • Jane Jones (Singles) as Margaret Honeycutt
  • David Wasman (Class of 1999, Poison Ivy) as Gilman White

Keep an eye out for:

  • When Cooper examines Laura’s body for the first time, he turns to a doctor and asks him to leave him and the sheriff alone with the body. The actor, mishearing the line, replies “Jim” – his name. Cooper pauses for a moment and repeats the question and the actor apologizes and leaves. According to commentary on the 2007 DVD release, this was a genuine blooper but director David Lynch liked the surreal moment and kept it in the finished product. According to the same commentary, the flickering fluorescent lights were genuinely malfunctioning but Lynch felt it helped the scene so chose not to replace the lighting.
  • Not long after the class scene where Donna starts to cry and James breaks his pencil when they have a premonition about Laura Palmer being dead, Principal Wolchezk makes an announcement. With the previous scene in mind, he tells about Laura Palmer as their classmate, whilst actually the announcement is meant for the whole school
  • Near the end of the episode, the sheriff turns on the siren and flashing light when chasing James and Donna on a motorcycle. In the following shot, the siren and light are off.
  • Catherine Martell’s first name is spelled as “Katherine” in this episode’s opening credits, but as “Catherine” in all other episodes.
  • Bobby and Mike leave the sheriff’s station during twilight. In the next scenes (taking place the same day) it’s completely light (and sunny) outside.
  • Joey Paulsen takes Donna out of the Roadhouse brawl to go meet James, driving away and being followed by Agent Cooper and Sheriff Truman. When a shot establishes the bar brawl is continuing, Joey and Donna are seen sneaking out past the bartender again
  • As Sheriff Truman picks up the phone to take the call about Laura’s body from Pete Martell, the reflection of the director wearing headphones can be seen in the glass.
  • Laura Palmer’s body is found on what is supposedly a lake shore in front of the Packard home. During the filming sequence however, the tide lowers and the shore becomes more exposed – a highly unlikely occurrence on a lake. The scene was filmed at the Kiana Lodge on Agate Pass in Puget Sound and between takes, the tide went out.

Twin Peaks Fact: The 90 minute pilot (Region 3 DVD) does not feature the dream sequence ending seen in other versions. Also, Laura’s mom screams at the end when the broken heart necklace is dug up, not from seeing Bob at the foot of Laura’s bed.

Twin Peaks Fact: Although Joan Chen assumed the role of Jocelyn “Josie” Packard, the character was originally written as an Italian woman named Giovanna Pasquialini Packard, with Isabella Rossellini slated for the role. This earlier version of the character appears in the first pilot script David Lynch and Mark Frost submitted to ABC. In this seminal draft, the series was entitled NORTHWEST PASSAGE.

Twin Peaks Fact: This movie was originally a pilot episode for Twin Peaks but since it was unsure whether they would create a whole series, the ending was rewritten to create an individual movie. (The major change was that it was revealed who the killer was.) This way, they could profit on it by selling it as a self-contained movie even if the full series was never made. When the series was in fact made, it became so popular that it was decided to release the movie anyway.


Episode 2  – “Traces to Nowhere”

Cooper’s investigation into the murder of Laura Palmer continues, as her secret boyfriend James Hurley is interrogated, and it appears that both trucker Leo Johnson and Laura’s psychiatrist Dr. Jacoby may have some connection to the crime. Laura’s best friend Donna and Audrey Horne vow to solve the murder.

Isn’t that…

  • Michelle Milantoni (Homer and Eddie, Deadly Intent) as Suburbis Pulaski
  • Craig MacLachlan (Kyle’s brother) as the corpse.

Keep an eye out for:

  • In the scene where James Hurley is released from jail, watch carefully for the secret sign exchanged between Big Ed Hurley and Deputy Hawk. Its significance will be explained in later episodes.
  • When Cooper walks into the conference room Truman’s hand is away from his face. In the next shot his fingers are stuffing donut into his mouth.
  • In the wide shot of the deputy walking down the hospital corridor, the door to the blue-lit room is already fully open. In the close-up shot that follows, the door can be seen opening again.
  • The fact that there was a year’s gap between the filming of Twin Peaks: Pilot and this one are evident in the different hairstyles sported by some of the cast. Although they take place on consecutive days, James Hurley, Sheriff Truman, and Deputy Brennan all have shorter haircuts by the next day, while Donna Hayward, Catherine Martell and Audrey Horne (in particular) all have noticeably longer hair.

Twin Peaks Fact: The weird vocal effects used during the “Black Lodge” sequences were achieved by having the actors learn their lines backwards. The result was then played backwards, meaning the lines came out forwards, but sounded bizarre and otherworldly.

Twin Peaks Fact: The population of Twin Peaks was originally only supposed to be 5,120. However, there was a backlash against rural-themed shows at the time, as networks were fearful that the burgeoning urban and suburban population of America would not be able to sympathize with shows set in small farming or industrial towns, so ABC requested that the sign read 51,201. In a “Visitor’s Guide to Twin Peaks” tie-in book authorized by creators David Lynch and Mark Frost, a note tells readers that the population was indeed 5,120, but that the sign had a “typo.”


Episode 3  – “Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer”

Cooper tells Sheriff Truman and his deputies about a unique method of narrowing down the Laura Palmer murder suspects. Ben welcomes his returning brother Jerry with some bad news, and the two decide that a trip to One Eyed Jacks is needed. Cynical FBI agent Albert Rosenfield arrives in town. Josie discovers that Catherine is double-crossing her. That night, Cooper has a strange dream that elevates the murder investigation to a whole new level.

Isn’t that…

  • Connie Woods (Rocky IV, Over the Top, Cherry 2000, Elvis & Me, The Forbidden Dance, Spreading Darkness) as New Girl at One Eyed Jacks.
  • Clay Wilcox (The Philadelphia Experiment, Sliders, Tour of Duty, Walker: Texas Ranger, Deadwood, Heroes, True Blood) as Bernard Renault.
  • Charlie Spradling (The Blob, The Doors, Wild at Heart, To Sleep With A Vampire, Puppet Master II) as Swabbie.
  • Kim Lentz (Boxing Helena) as Bartender.

Keep an eye out for:

  • Cooper’s dream is mostly made up of deleted scenes from Twin Peaks: Pilot (1990) in its alternate international edit.
  • The opening shot of the Horne family silently eating dinner lasts for a full 60 seconds.
  • In the rock-throwing scene, the letters “R” and “T” go from uncircled to circled between shots.

Twin Peaks Fact: The pattern on the floor of the Black Lodge is an enlarged version of the pattern on the floor of the lobby of Henry’s house in Eraserhead (1977), also directed by David Lynch. The pattern also appears on Leland Palmer’s sport coat at the end of the first episode, as he dances with Laura’s picture.


Episode 4  – “Rest in Pain”

Cooper tries to deduce the meaning behind his strange dream the night before. Later, at the funeral of Laura Palmer, emotions explode over her grave. Norma Jennings learns that her husband Hank is up for parole. Sheriff Truman reveals to Cooper the existence of the secret society known as The Bookhouse Boys, and the society’s mission against the evil in the woods of Twin Peaks. Laura’s cousin Maddy arrives in town.

Isn’t that…

  • Rick Giolito (Producer of the Medal of Honor video game franchise and Mark Frost’s brother-in-law) as Montana (Invitation To Love).
  • Jan D’Arcy (The X-Files, Highlander, 21 Jump Street, M.A.N.T.I.S., The Outer Limits) as Sylvia Horne.
  • Peter Michael Goetz (Another World, The Phoenix, The World According to Garp, After MASH, The Twilight Zone, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, The Cavanaughs, My Girl, The Faculty, Psych) as Jared (Invitation To Love).
  • Lance Davis (Showgirls) as Chet (Invitation To Love).
  • Erika Anderson (A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child) as Emerald (Invitation To Love).
  • Royce D. Applegate (The Streets of San Francisco, Stir Crazy, Quantum Leap, Seaquest 2032, Phoenix, Seabiscuit) as Rev. Clarence Brocklehurst.
  • Jed Mills (Casino, Galactica 1980, The Incredible Hulk, T.J. Hooker, ALF, ) as Wilson Mooney.

Keep an eye out for:

  • In a diner scene between Agent Cooper, Sheriff Truman, Big Ed, and Deputy Hill, the Sheriff’s hat can be seen disappearing and reappearing on the table between dialogue cuts on each side of the booth.
  • In the beginning at breakfast with Agent Cooper, Sheriff Truman, and Lucy, Agent Cooper’s left hand is pouring syrup on his breakfast while Truman is talking, though no syrup comes out of the container. When Agent Cooper is shown next, the syrup container is shown on the right side of his body, which is a flaw since Cooper used his left hand and placed it on what would be his left side of the table. Also, syrup can be shown on his breakfast.
  • When we see Audrey Horne prior to Laura’s funeral, her hair is parted on the left side. At the funeral, her hair is parted on the right side.
  • In the funeral scene, Major Briggs’ cap badge is worn only by enlisted US Air Force personnel, as an officer he should have a different cap badge (larger eagle device instead of a smaller one enclosed in a circle).

Twin Peaks Fact: The character of Madeleine Ferguson (Laura Palmer’s lookalike cousin, played by the same actress) was created because David Lynch was so impressed by Sheryl Lee that he wanted to have her on the series full-time.


Episode 5  – “The One-Armed Man”

Amazingly, both Cooper and Sheriff Truman manage to locate the one-armed man from Cooper’s dream. Meanwhile, Josie Packard follows Ben and Catherine as the couple’s conspiracy to destroy the Packard Saw Mill develops, and Josie then receives a strange message from soon-to-be-paroled Hank Jennings.

Isn’t that…

  • James Craven (D3:The Mighty Ducks) as Male Parole Board Officer.
  • Mary Bond Davis (Coming to America, Hook) as Female Parole Board Officer #1

Keep an eye out for:

  • At the party at the Great Northern for the Icelandic investors, Ben Horne calls his brother over and orders him to remove Leland Palmer when he begins dancing. When the camera cuts back to Leland, after the Horne brothers talk, Ben can be seen calling his brother over again and having the same conversation again.

Twin Peaks Fact: The character of the one-armed man was originally only to appear in a walk on role in the pilot as homage to The Fugitive (1963). His name, Gerard, being the same as the detective in The Fugitive who is looking for Richard Kimble – who was looking for a one-armed man However, after David Lynch wrote the closed ending for the European version of the pilot, he decided to use the character to recite in infamous “Fire Walk With Me” poem. Highly impressed by the performance of Al Strobel, Lynch decided to make the character integral to the series mythology and give Strobel a recurring role on the show.


Episode 6  – “Cooper’s Dream”

Cooper, Truman, Deputy Hawk, and Doc Hayward venture into the woods for a revelatory encounter with the Log Lady and find the location of Jacques Renault’s cabin. In the meantime, Audrey continues her efforts to assist Cooper by taking a job at her father’s department store, while Donna and James Hurley pursue their own line of inquiry into Laura’s death by taking Maddy into their confidence. Elsewhere, Leo’s battered wife Shelly decides to get revenge.

Isn’t that…

  • Lisa Ann Cabasa (Wild at Heart, Dark Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer) as Jenny.
  • Mary Stavin (Miss World 1977, Octopussy, A View To A Kill, House, Caddyshack II, Strike Commando II, Howling V: Rebirth) as Heba.

Keep an eye out for:

  • When James and Donna are talking to Madeleine at the dinner, her glasses change from her right to her left hand as she is getting up from the table.
  • The scenes in the woods outside the cabin were filmed in Angeles National Forest, which is located in the San Gabriel Mountains overlooking the Los Angeles basin.

Twin Peaks Fact: “Coopers Dreams” is set on March 1, 1989. On this day in history, Iceland celebrated its first Beer Day, and it marked the lifting of prohibition in Iceland since 1915.


Episode 7  – “Realization Time”

Agent Cooper goes undercover at One Eyed Jacks along with ‘Big’ Ed Hurley to try to find his chief murder suspect, Jacques Renault. Unbeknownst to Cooper however, Audrey Horne too is undercover as a hostess. Meanwhile, Maddy, Donna and James engage in a scheme to fool Dr. Jacoby and steal a tape recorded by Laura prior to her death; and Bobby, still jealous about Laura having an affair, sets out to ruin James.

Isn’t that…

  • Derick Shimatsu (M*A*S*H*) as Mr. Tojamura’s Assistant
  • Eve Brent (Dragnet, Tarzan’s Fight for Life, Tarzan and the Trappers, Cage of Evil, Adam-12, The Green Mile, Roswell, Scrubs, Community, Garfield) as Theodora Ridgely.
  • Mark Lowenthal (Stingray, 21 Jump Street, Dark Angel, Coach) as Walter Neff.
  • Victoria Catlin (Ghoulies, Maniac Cop, Howling V: Rebirth) as Blackie O’Reilly.
  • Don Amendolia (Ed Wood, Wayne’s World, Boogie Nights, A Walk in the Clouds) as Emory Battis.

Keep an eye out for:

  • Waldo the mynah bird was voiced by Sheryl Lee, who also plays both Laura and Maddie in this series
  • The false name Audrey (Sherilyn Fenn) gives Blackie, “Hester Prynne”, is the name of the protagonist in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlet Letter.
  • While Agent Cooper is interrogating Jacques Renault at the table during his visit to One Eyed Jacks, Jacques Renault finishes one of the beers that he has in front of him. At the start and end of that scene he has two half-filled beers in front of him.
  • The necklace that James and Donna buried under a rock (that Dr. Jacoby later dug up) had a thick leather strap instead of a chain. But when James and Donna find the necklace inside the coconut in Dr Jacoby’s home, it has a metal chain.

Twin Peaks Fact: It is never revealed who actually attacked Jacoby in Twin Peaks: Episode #1.7, but, according to Mark Frost, it was the same person that killed Laura Palmer.


Episode 8  – “The Last Evening”

Under the orders of Ben Horne, Leo embarks on a plan not only to burn the Packard Saw Mill but to eliminate Shelly, Catherine Martell and Bobby Briggs in one fell swoop. Things take a rather violent turn when Agent Cooper successfully lures Jacques Renault across the Canadian border and his involvement in the death of Laura is revealed. Nadine decides to end her life; and Laura’s father Leland takes the law into his own hands. Later Cooper gets a nasty surprise on his return to his hotel room at the Great Northern Hotel.

Isn’t that…

  • Charles Hoyes (The Incredible Hulk, The Dukes of Hazzard, Misfits of Science, Midnight Caller, M.A.N.T.I.S., Field of Dreams, Space Jam, The X-Files) as Decker.

Keep an eye out for:

  • Earlier in the season, the missing necklace is on a leather strap. When stolen from Dr. Jacoby’s office, it is on a chain. The next time we see it, it is on the leather strap again.
  • At Leo’s, when Andy whacks himself in the face with a board by stepping on it, Albert Rosenfield can be seen removing his sunglasses 3 times (twice in the background, once in a close up).
  • When Agent Cooper is talking to Jacques at the One Eyed Jacks, Jacques finishes at least one of the two beers he has, yet when he gets up to leave the table both glasses are almost full again.
  • When Jacques Renault is smothered to death, just after the heart monitor shows a flat line, the “lead off” indicator lights up. This indicates that an electrode is removed from the patient.

Twin Peaks Fact: This is the only episode of “Twin Peaks” that was directed by co-creator Mark Frost. However, Frost also directed all of the segments of “Invitation to Love” – the soap opera that is often seen on the character’s televisions.

Twin Peaks Fact:  There are some episodes that don’t end with the usual Homecoming Queen photo of Laura Palmer and “Laura Palmer’s Theme” in the credits:

  • Episode 2 credits feature the Man from Another Place seen from above and dancing.
  • Episode 8 features Gersten Hayward (Alicia Witt) playing the piano.
  • Episode 14 shows Agent Cooper, the red curtains and the song “The World Spins” by Julee Cruise.
  • Episode 18 features Ben Horne’s old home movies seen in this same episode.
  • Episode 29 features the coffee cup given to Cooper in the Red Room and Laura’s face on it.


Episode 9  – “May The Giant Be With You”

The first episode of Season 2 kicks off with Cooper lying bleeding from a serious gunshot wound; he has a vision of a mysterious giant who helps him with the investigation. Albert Rosenfield arrives in Twin Peaks the next morning to assist Cooper and to investigate his attack. Meanwhile, Leland Palmer’s hair has suddenly turned white and he continues to act unusually. James remains in jail after being framed by Bobby, who plants Leo’s stash of cocaine in James’s motorcycle. Big Ed maintains a close watch on Nadine, who, after a suicide attempt, is left in a comatose state. Leo also remains in a coma after being shot by Hank. The sawmill burns down, leaving Catherine and Josie missing and Shelly and Pete in the hospital after barely escaping the fire. Donna, after receiving some advice from the Log Lady, decides to look into the Meals on Wheels that Laura worked at.

Isn’t that…

  • Mark Frost as T.V. Newscaster
  • Hank Worden (Ghost Town Riders, Code of the Outlaw, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Outcast, The Lone Ranger, One-Eyed Jacks, Rio Lobo, Smokey and the Bandit, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Knightrider) – The Waiter.
  • Alicia Witt (Dune, Hotel Room, Four Rooms, Cybill, Urban Legend, The Sopranos, Gen 13, Vanilla Sky, The Twilight Zone) – Gersten Hayward.

Keep an eye out for:

  • The closing credits feature Alicia Witt, as Gersten Hayward, playing on the piano instead of the still photo of Laura Palmer.
  • Kimmy Robertson’s name is added to the opening credits while Piper Laurie’s name has been removed.
  • The closing title card reads: Dedicated to the memory of Kevin Young Jr.
  • When Norma is leaving Shelly after visiting her at the hospital a microphone is visible above the door.
  • In the first season, Doc Hayward reveals that the blood in the Leo’s shirt is a “rare type AB-“, and says that this is Jacques Renault’s blood type. In the second season premiere, when Albert Rosenfield and Cooper explain Laura’s murder, they say that the blood of the killer is “AB-, not of Ronnette, Leo or Jacques”.
  • Albert Rosenfeld takes off his sunglasses three times while watching Deputy Brennan stumble about after hitting his head on a plank of wood.
  • When Agent Cooper signs for the room service the pen is closed. You can see that there is no signature on the pad.

Twin Peaks Fact: Hank Jennings’ prisoner number was 24601 – the same as Jean Valjean’s in Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.


Episode 10  – “Coma”

In the midst of the murder investigation and the aftermath of his shooting, Cooper receives the grim news that his insane former partner, Windom Earle, has escaped from a mental asylum. Meanwhile, Donna’s first day as a Meals-on-Wheels volunteer, leads to an eerie meeting with an old woman and her grandson. Audrey uncovers more about Laura’s double life at One Eyed Jacks, while her investigation becomes increasingly dangerous.

Isn’t that…

  • Austin Jack Lynch (David Lynch’s son) as the young boy/grandson.
  • Frances Bay (Happy Days, The Karate Kid, Big Top Pee-wee, The Karate Kid Part III, Critters 3, The X-Files, Seinfield, The Middle) as Mrs Tremond.

Keep an eye out for:

  • When they discuss the content of a dead man’s stomach, the FBI agent says he found a licence plate, a reference to the autopsy Hooper performs on the tiger shark in Jaws.

Twin Peaks Fact: In the 2014 book Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks by Brad Dukes, Jules Haimovitz (who was the president and COO of Spelling Entertainment while Twin Peaks was on) says that during the show’s run, he got a call from the financier Carl Lindler demanding to know who killed Laura Palmer. Lindler told Haimovitz that he was asking not for himself but for then-president of the United States George Bush, who was in turn asking for Mikhail Gorbachev, then the leader of the U.S.S.R.


Episode 11  – “The Man Behind Glass”

Blackie holds Audrey hostage, and plots with Jean Renault; James and Madeleine become close, to Donna’s dismay; Lucy lunches with Dick Tremayne; Dr. Jacoby undergoes hypnosis, leading to an arrest; and Nadine wakes from her coma a changed woman; Donna finds a diary of Laura’s at Harold Smith’s house.

Isn’t that…

  • Galyn Görg (The A-Team, The Wizard of Speed and Time, Robocop2, Point Break, Star Trek:DS9, Xena:Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journey, Star Trek: Voyager, M.A.N.T.I.S., Stargate SG-1, Lost) as Nancy O’Reilly.

Keep an eye out for:

  • A reference to the 1950 movie Sunset Blvd. when Blackie says: “She’s ready for her close-up now.”
  • Twin Peaks Fact: Dr. Jacoby is based on the late ethnobotanist Terrence McKenna. Their physical appearance is strikingly similar, their dress style is similar and they are both in the liberal arts professions. Dr. Jacoby holidays in Hawaii and has a Hawaiian wife, McKenna lived in Hawaii. Dr. Jacoby has a notable mushroom shaped lamp; McKenna studied and wrote widely on psychedelic mushroom culture.

Twin Peaks Fact: Ray Wise, Miguel Ferrer, and Dan O’Herlihy all appeared in Robocop (1987). However, in Robocop, only Ferrer and O’Herlihy ever shared screen time, whereas in Twin Peaks, only Wise and Ferrer ever share screen time (O’Herlihy appears later).


Episode 12  – “Laura’s Secret Diary”

Cooper and Truman arrest Leland after he confesses to the crime of murdering Jacques Renault in the hospital as well as attacking Dr. Jacoby while being disoriented. Hank asks Norma to tidy up the Double R Diner when he is informed that a shady food critic named M.T. Wentz may be visiting Twin Peaks. Meanwhile, Jean Renault sends a videotape of Audrey Horne being held captive to Ben, demanding a $125,000 ransom for her return, and Cooper to be the drop-off man. Jean murders Emory Battis, upon returning to One-Eyed Jacks, for mistreating Audrey. With help from Truman, Cooper investigates Audrey’s kidnapping. Josie returns, claiming to have been in Seattle on business, learning from Pete that Catherine died in the sawmill fire. Later, a Japanese businessman, Mr. Tojamura, checks into the Great Northern Hotel.

Isn’t that…

  • Royal Dano (Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Ghoulies II, House II: The Second Story, Fantasy Island, How The West Was Won, Planet of the Apes, Kung Fu) as Judge Clinton Sternwood.
  • Ritch Brinkley (The Dukes of Hazzard, Misfits of Science, The Twilight Zone, Beauty and the Beast,) as D.A. Daryl Lodwick.
  • Bellina Logan (Wild at Heart, Interview with a Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, Inland Empire, Sons of Anarchy) as Desk Clerk.

Keep an eye out for:

  • To achieve bizarre traveling effect at the beginning of this episode, director Todd Holland placed a pin-hole camera inside an actual piece of title and slowy spiraled out. During this scene, Holland overlapped a number of distorted sounds including a young girl (presumably Laura) saying “Daddy”. However, some of the dialog he chose came too close to the mystery and he was asked to remove certain pieces from the final cut.

Twin Peaks Fact: Kyle MacLachlan refused to further develop the storyline about his character Dale Cooper’s relationship with Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn), resulting in the writers having to abruptly change and add several second season story lines. As originally scripted, Audrey Horne would have been the one kidnapped by Windom Earle and taken to the Black Lodge in the series finale; the characters of Justice Wheeler and Annie were written in specifically to give Dale and Audrey “appropriate” love interests. At the time, the relationship between Cooper and Audrey was heavily publicized in TV Guide and other entertainment magazines. The move alienated audiences and caused a further decline in the show’s already suffering ratings. At the time, Kyle MacLachlan attributed his insistence to a belief that the morally upright Cooper would not date an underage girl; however, Audrey was a high school senior who, in the time line of the series, would have graduated in one to two months, and in fact was not “underage”: in Washington state, the age of consent is 16, and Audrey is 17 in Twin Peaks: Pilot (1990). Crew members who would later attend the annual Twin Peaks convention would recall that MacLachlan was pressured into the decision by his then-girlfriend, Lara Flynn Boyle, who did not want her boyfriend sharing love scenes with Fenn, with whom Boyle did not get along on set.


Episode 13  – “The Orchid’s Curse”

Cooper and Truman stage a raid on One Eyed Jacks; Leland’s court hearing begins; Donna and Madeleine plot to steal Laura’s secret diary from Harold Smith; Ben gets a business proposition from the mysterious Mr. Tojamura; and Shelly and Bobby reignite their relationship, even as the catatonic Leo lives under the same roof.

Isn’t that…

  • Robert Apisa (who played The Bodyguard on the stairs) played similar roles in Hunter, Magnum P.I., Hawaii Five-O, Air Wolf, The Fall Guy, Baywatch, Diagnosis Murder, Renegade, and Simon & Simon. He also featured in such films as The Last Boy Scout, Nowhere to Run, Hard Target, The Specialist, The Glimmer Man, and The Replacement Killers.
  • Michael M. Vendrell (who plays the bodyguard outside) was a highly regarded Martial Arts Sensai and world renowned stunt co-ordinater and actor who worked on Lost, Bad Boys, The Rock, Step Brothers, Angel, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Twins, They Live, Commando, Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, Splash, Blue Thunder and Buck Rogers.
  • Claire Stansfield (The X-Files, The Doors, Hot Shots, The Flash, Steel, Xena: Warrior Princess) as Sid.

 Keep an eye out for…

  • Van Dyke Parks, who plays Leo’s lawyer, Mr. Racine, is actually a film composer of some note. He’s worked with director Robert Altman on Popeye and The Company, as well as scoring several popluar children’s movies such as The Brave Little Toaster and Sesame Street: Follow That Bird.
  • At approximately 18 minutes into the episode, as James Hurley walks toward the door as Big Ed brings Nadine home from the hospital, a small glass figurine of a woman’s head and upper chest can be observed with an eyepatch over “her” right eye (not unlike the one Nadine wears over her own left eye.
  • The blood can already be seen on the cultivator before Harold cuts his face with it; this is then furthered when he lightly brushes it against his cheek, leaving a small speck of blood not indicative of a cut (this is again seen before he actually cuts his face).

Twin Peaks Fact: Everett McGill and Wendy Robie who play husband and wife Ed and Nadine Hurley also play husband and wife in The People Under the Stairs (1991).


Episode 14  – “Demons”

Shelly and Bobby host a “welcome home” party for Leo; Cooper’s boss, Gordon Cole, visits Cooper to warn him of threats from the insane Windom Earle; Josie strikes a deal with Ben; the one-armed man reveals some information about BOB; and Leland returns to work.

Isn’t that…

  • Mak Takano (Mr Baseball, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, Contact, Alias, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch) as Jonathan/Asian Man.

Keep an eye out for…

  • Leland sings “Getting to Know You” from The King & I.
  • “Blood” is visible on Harold Smith’s hand rake before he drags it down his cheek.
  • The red neon “RR” , shown in close-ups of the sign, and above the “CAFE” sign to the right of the giant “T” is missing in some long shots.
  • When Maddy says goodbye to James on the lake shore, a cameraman or other crew member is smoking. Just before James says “Hi” a short burst of smoke is clearly visible on right corner.

Twin Peaks Fact: Even though they knew from the beginning who it was, Mark Frost and David Lynch have stated that they had no intention to ever reveal who killed Laura Palmer, but the network forced them to do it, arguing everyone was watching season 2 to find out. When they finally told Ray Wise that it was Leland, he got really sad, because he was really hoping it would not be him.


Episode 15  – “Lonely Souls”

Ben is brought in for questioning after Audrey confronts him about One Eyed Jacks and passes the information to Cooper; Andy ponders the meaning of Harold Smith’s suicide note; financial pressures strain Shelly and Bobby’s brief happiness; Pete learns Tojamura’s plans; Ed’s life continues to bewilder, as amnesiac Nadine decides she is a teenager; the Log Lady leads Cooper to the Roadhouse, and a devastating message; and Maddy Ferguson is murdered by Laura’s killer, whose identity is finally revealed.

Isn’t that…

  • Dave Bean (Psycho Cop Returns, Last Resort, Hanger 1:The UFO Files, Faith in Full) as Sherriff’s Deputy.
  • Kellie Lumb (who went to as an Executive Assistant to Steve Markov on Alpha Dog, Timber Falls, Camille, Autopsy, Night Train, Next Day Air,and Nine Miles Down) as USO Girl.

Keep an eye out for…

  • When Cooper is looking around at the Roadhouse while music is playing and sees Bobby Briggs and the old waiter from the night he was shot, a man with a very similar appearance to Harold Smith is taking orders as a bartender (at around 36 mins).
  • Maddy Ferguson’s murder sequence in the Palmer living room was shot three different ways, once with Killer Bob (Frank Silva), once with Leland (Ray Wise), and once with Ben Horne (Richard Beymer). As David Lynch explains in a 1997 interview with Chris Rodley, this was done to “keep the answer from getting out to the public; it would have leaked out in two seconds. Richard Beymer was really a great sport, because he knew it wasn’t him.”
  • The credits play over a still image of Agent Cooper with “The World Spins”, instead of the usual still image of Laura Palmer and end credit music.

Twin Peaks Fact: In order to prevent information about the killer leaking out, the scene of Maddie’s murder was also filmed with Ben Horne (Richard Beymer) as the killer, but that alternate scene was never intended to be shown in any form. Neither Beymer nor Ray Wise knew who the killer was, and an intentionally leaked script indicated both Big Ed Hurley and Ben Horne as the killer.


Episode 16  – “Drive With A Dead Girl”

Jerry tries to arrange a defence for Ben, who is in jail for Laura’s murder. Cooper is skeptical of Ben committing the crime, which Truman contradicts. Later, Pete visits Ben with an audio message from Catherine, who is willing to back up his alibi, on terms that he surrenders all of his property. Meanwhile, the real killer, Leland, under possession by Bob, stuffs the dead Maddie Ferguson in his golf bag, leaving more evidence to implicate Ben. Elsewhere, Norma’s estranged mother Vivian Smythe, arrives for a visit with her new husband, while Hank reappears after several days. Lucy arrives back in Twin Peaks with her older sister, Gwen, where Lucy is approached by Andy who wants to get back together with her. Later, the one-armed man escapes from police custody, warning them that Bob is nearby.

Isn’t that…

  • Kathleen Wilhoite (After MASH, Fame, Cop Rock, Quantum Leap, Fire in the Sky, L.A. Law, Pepper Ann, 24, ER, The 4400, Road House, Gilmore Girls, Pay It Forward) as Gwen Morton.
  • James Booth (Zulu, William Tell, That’ll Be The Day, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, American Ninja 4: Annihilation) as Ernie Niles.
  • Jane Greer (Heartbeat, Murder She Wrote, Falcon Crest, Dick Tracy, The Big Steal, Man of a Thousand Faces) as Vivian Smythe Niles.

Keep an eye out for…

  • Scott Frost also wrote the novel My Life, My Tapes: The Autobiography of Special Agent Dale Cooper.
  • Leland sings “Surry with the Fringe on Top” from Oklahoma!
  • When Sheriff Truman takes Ben into custody, Cooper says he does not believe Ben is guilty. Sheriff Truman contradicts this, saying he has the evidence to detain him. However, as a federal agent, Cooper outranks Sheriff Truman and he is in charge of the investigation, so he should not have acquiesced to this.
  • When Harry and Coop turn around to pull over Leland on the highway, a palm tree can be seen behind them, although the show is supposed to take place in northeast Washington state.

Twin Peaks Fact: The character of Bob came about when David Lynch had a sudden image of set decorator Frank Silva hidden in Laura Palmer’s room. Lynch filmed the infamous shot of Silva hiding behind Laura’s bed without any idea of what he would use it for. Later, when filming a shot of Sarah Palmer (Grace Zabriskie) sitting up and screaming, Lynch noticed that Silva’s reflection was visible in the shot, purely by accident. Lynch then came up with the idea of BOB as an other-worldly spirit, giving birth to the series mythology.


Episode 17  – “Arbitrary Law”

From a piece of Laura’s secret diary, Cooper discovers that he and Laura shared the same dream; Catherine tricks Ben into signing away the mill; Andy and Tremayne – the potential fathers of Lucy’s baby – confront each other; James leaves town; and Laura’s killer is unmasked.

Keep an eye out for…

  • Benjamin Horne shows several religious texts to his daughter, including “The Talmud”, and states his intention to Audrey to read every one cover to cover. The Talmud is actually several dozen volumes long, and Ben appeared to be carrying merely a scholarly book discussing the Talmud.

Twin Peaks Fact: In Germany, broadcasting network RTL cancelled the show after 20 episodes due to bad ratings because rival network SAT1 told the audience the identity of Laura’s murderer before the first episode aired.


Episode 18  – “Dispute Between Brothers”

Friends gather around Sarah, as Leland is laid to rest. Cooper says his goodbyes, but an unexpected turn of events keeps him in Twin Peaks. The publisher of the Twin Peaks Gazette argues with his brother, the Mayor; Renault recruits Hank and Ernie to frame Cooper; Nadine enrolls in high school; and Major Briggs, fishing with Cooper, has a strange encounter in the woods.

Isn’t that…

  • Clarence William III (The MOD Squad) as FBI Agent Roger Hardy.
  • Gavan O’Herlihy  (Happy Days, Lonesome Dove) as RCMP Officer Preston King.

Keep an eye out for…

  • While on a camping trip, Agent Cooper and Major Briggs are roasting marshmallows. Major Briggs’ marshmallow catches fire. Just a few seconds later, Major Briggs is shown to have a new, untouched marshmallow on his stick.
  • Ray Wise’s name is removed from the opening credits.

Twin Peaks Fact: Norma (Peggy Lipton) and Agent Hardy (Clarence Williams III) starred together in the TV series Mod Squad.


Episode 19  – “Masked Ball”

Cooper is investigated by the FBI and the DEA for his role in the raid on One Eyed Jacks; Nadine falls for teen Mike Nelson; James gets room and board for helping a beautiful blond; Hank confronts Ben; Tremayne becomes Big Brother to a terror; Catherine forces Josie to become her maid; Cooper’s old friend Dennis Bryson arrives in town with a change of appearance; and Andrew Packard turns up alive.

Isn’t that…

  • Joshua Harris (Dallas, Falcon Crest) as Nicky.

Keep an eye out for…

  • When Nicky blows the whipped cream onto Dick’s face, Dick immediately wipes it off with his napkin. Nicky then spins Andy’s barstool causing him to fly off onto the floor. The shot immediately cuts to a close-up of Dick laughing and the whipped cream is once again present on his left cheek.
  • The closing credits feature an old black-and-white film reel of the groundbreaking at the Great Northern Hotel instead of the still photo of Laura Palmer.

Twin Peaks Fact: Sheryl Lee plays two characters: blonde Laura Palmer and her brunette cousin. In Vertigo (1958) Kim Novak plays two characters, a blonde and a brunette. One character is called Madeleine, and James Stewart’s character is called John Ferguson. The name of Laura Palmer’s cousin is an amalgamation of these two names: Madeleine Ferguson.


Episode 20  – “The Black Widow”

Cooper finds cocaine at a deserted house that Renault uses; a mentally decaying Ben has Bobby tail Hank; Dougie Milford dies under unusual circumstances; super strong Nadine joins the wrestling team; and, even as Major Briggs returns, the investigation into his disappearance reveals a presence in the woods near Twin Peaks.

Isn’t that…

  • Molly Shannon (In Living Colour, Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace, A Night at the Roxbury, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Wet Hot American Summer, Will & Grace, Kath & Kim, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp) as Judy Swain.
  • Geraldine Keams (Sons of Anarchy, The Outlaw Josey Wales ) as Irene Littlehorse.
  • John Apicella (Brothers & Sisters, Blossom, The X-Files) as Jeffrey Marsh.

Keep an eye out for…

  • During a dinner scene with Pete and Catherine Martell, a champagne bottle disappears and reappears on the table.
  • The map which Col. Riley uses to indicate the source of the mysterious messages is actually of Los Padres National Forest and Lake Cachuma Recreational Area, near Santa Barbara, California.
  • The lamp in the final scene is in the form of an owl.
  • Mayor Milford yells “she’s a witch!” at Lana Budding Milford in the hall. Robyn Lively (Lana) played a witch in Teen Witch.

Twin Peaks Fact: There were plans to spin Sherilyn Fenn’s character Audrey Horne off into her own series, that didn’t come off. Apparently, Audrey inspired David Lynch for Naomi Watts’s character in Mulholland Drive (2001), as Fenn said in an interview in 1997 about the Audrey Horne spin-off, “David was talking about ‘Mulholland Drive’, he talked about like ‘Audrey goes to Hollywood’. She’s driving along Mulholland in this convertible car… But it didn’t end up happening.”


Episode 21  – “Checkmate”

Cooper is held hostage by Renault; Andy and Tremayne pry into Nicky’s past; Ben slips into a fantasy life as a Civil War general; James succumbs to Evelyn, who has a deadly secret; Ed and Norma succumb to their decades-old passion; Hank confronts Big Ed; and Cooper’s ex-partner Windom Earle leaves a gruesome scene at the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Station.

Isn’t that…

  • Craig MacLachlan (Kyle’s brother) as The Dead Man
  • Patricia Dunnock (Serial Mum, My Mother Dreams the Satan’s Disciples in New York) as Mrs Brunston
  • Will Seltzer (Lucky Luke, The Wizard, Shazam) as Mr Brunston
  • Marvin Campbell (Ray Donovan, Bundy, Justified) as  M.P. #1

Keep an eye out for…

  • When Audrey first enters Ben’s office and kneels down beside him, the boom comes down into the shot before quickly rising back up.
  • The Champagne bottle that James put on the front seat in the Jaguar disappears between shots.
  • A member of the crew in a blue shirt, holding a microphone in direction of Cooper is visible on the left side of the screen during the last but one scene, where Cooper enters the Sheriff’s office.

Twin Peaks Fact: In her 2011 autobiography, Piper Laurie says that to maintain the secret of whether her character, Catherine Martell, survived the mill fire long into the second season, the producers hatched a plan for her to be on set only in her “Japanese businessman” costume and prosthetic makeup; the rest of the cast and crew were told only that she was a (male) Japanese movie actor named Fumio Yamaguchi who had worked mostly with the acclaimed director Akira Kurosawa, and that Yamaguchi didn’t speak much English. Laurie’s name was removed from the credits, and she was restricted from telling the press or even her own family that she had not been fired from the show. Several of her co-stars were fooled at first, including Jack Nance (who played her husband) and Peggy Lipton (who suspected it was David Lynch’s then-girlfriend Isabella Rossellini in disguise instead).


Episode 22  – “Double Play”

Cooper confides to Truman his past experiences with Windom Earle; Leo awakens from his coma and finds a new cause in life; Audrey strikes a business deal with Bobby, as they attempt to save Ben’s sanity; when Evelyn’s husband is killed, James realizes he has been set up; Thomas Eckhardt, who is Josie’s former lover and the man who attempted to kill Andrew Packard, appears; Windom Earle is revealed.

Isn’t that…

  • Brenda Strong (Desperate Housewives, Supergirl, Dallas, The 100) as Jones.
  • Ron Blair (Se7en) as Randy St, Croix.
  • Gérald L’Ecuyer (The Grace of God ) as Bartender
  • Brenda E. Mathers (Beyond The Mask, Darkdrive, Velocity Trap) as Caroline Powell Earle

Keep an eye out for…

  • The position on the chess board in the opening scene is noticeably different from the position on the board when Cooper explains the importance of his game with Windom Earle to Sheriff Truman.
  • When detailing his experience with Windom Earle, Coop keeps changing his pronunciation of the name ‘Caroline’ to either “Carol-LIN” to “Caro-LINE”

Twin Peaks Fact: In Sheriff Harry S Truman’s office there is a buck’s head mounted on the wall and a plaque reading “the buck stopped here”; a reference to President Harry S. Truman’s famous motto, “the buck stops here.”


Episode 23 – “Slaves and Masters”

Cooper finds some evidence about who shot him, and gets help from Pete, the town’s resident chess master in matching wits with Windom Earle in the deadly chess game; Donna makes a desperate plea to save James, who is suspected in the Marsh murder; Shelly returns to work; Nadine breaks up with Ed in favour of Mike; and Catherine uses Josie to lure Eckhardt.

Isnt that?

  • Matt Battaglia (Days of Our Lives, 21 Jump Street, Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms, Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business, Queer as Folk, 24, True Detective) as the cop.

Keep an eye out for…

  • The song Windom Earle plays on his bamboo flute is “Questions in a World of Blue” by Julee Cruise. The music in the scene where Harry tells Cooper the name of the dead vagrant alludes to the same melody, as does the saxophone music playing while Evelyn Marsh is blowing smoke rings.

Twin Peaks Fact: The veterinarian investigated in season 1 is named Dr. Lydecker. The myna bird examined in the same season is named Waldo. A leading character in the film noir classic Laura (1944) is named Waldo Lydecker.


Episode 24 – “The Condemned Woman”

Ed proposes marriage to Norma; James and Donna break up; Audrey is reunited with a handsome, wealthy admirer from her past; Earle mails a poem to Audrey, Shelly and Donna; Hank is arrested for Leo’s murder, but points a finger at someone else; and Josie is forced to meet with Eckhardt – an encounter that ends in tragedy.

Isn’t that…

  • Ron Blair (Se7en) as Randy St, Croix.

Keep an eye out for…

  • The line “I’d rather be his whore than your wife”, spoken by Peggy Lipton as Norma Jennings whilst asking Hank (Chris Mulkey) for a divorce, was also spoken verbatim by Kate Winslet in the 1997 film Titanic; coincidentally, Billy Zane and David Warner, who appeared in this episode, both appeared in the film.
  • Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne) tells Billy Zane (Jack Wheeler) that she is only 18. In reality Sherilyn (b. 1965) is a year older than Billy (b. 1966).

Twin Peaks Fact: The insurance agent “Walter Neff” is named after the character played by Fred MacMurray in Double Indemnity (1944), who has the same profession.


Episode 25 – “Wounds and Scars”

  • Norma’s sister Annie leaves the convent and comes to Twin Peaks, where Cooper becomes enamoured of her; Truman sinks into depression; Catherine is left a mysterious puzzle box by Eckhardt; plans get underway for the Miss Twin Peaks pageant; and Ben finds an ingenious way to stop Catherine’s development – saving an endangered pine weasel.

Isn’t that…

  • Betsy Lynn George (Point Break, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) as the teen model.
  • Julie Hayek (Commando, Hunter, Hard Time on Planet Earth) as a model.

Keep an eye out for…

  • The introduction of Annie, who was written in specifically to give Dale an “appropriate” love interest. Cooper’s and Audrey’s “relationship” was heavily publicized in TV Guide and other entertainment magazines. The move alienated audiences and caused a further decline in the show’s already suffering ratings. Crew members who would later attend the annual Twin Peaks convention reported that MacLachlan was pressured into the decision by his then-girlfriend, Lara Flynn Boyle, who did not want her boyfriend sharing love scenes with Fenn, with whom Boyle did not get along on set.
  • When Jones comes to meet with Catherine Martell, a Golden Globe award is visible on the shelf behind them. This is likely Piper Laurie’s own award, which she won for this series.

Twin Peaks Fact: The insurance agent “Walter Neff” is named after the character played by Fred MacMurray in Double Indemnity (1944), who has the same profession.


Episode 26 – “On The Wings of Love”

Cooper and the Sheriff’s Department go spelunking in Owl Cave; Truman awakens in the murderous embrace of a naked woman; Audrey and John Justice Wheeler start a relationship; Windom Earle insinuates himself into the lives of potential victims; Audrey and Donna see Mrs. Hayward meet with Ben.

Isn’t that…

  • Jack McGee (Turk 182!, Beauty and the Beast, Lethal Weapon 2, Lethal Weapon 3, Space Rangers, Show Girls, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) as the Bartender.

Keep an eye out for…

  • The playing cards Leo picks from Windom Earle’s hand display the faces of [from camera-view right to left] Donna – Queen of Clubs, Audrey – Queen of Diamonds and Shelly Queen of Spades. When Windom Earle has Leo picking the king [Agent Cooper], the 2 outside queens, Donna and Shelly, have swapped places with Donna on the left and Shelly on the right. Already in the next shot of the cards they have resumed their original order.
  • When Annie brings coffee to Dale and Harry, Dale’s cup is facing down to the plate. The shot goes back to Annie and then back to Dale when she pours the Coffee and the cup is facing up. Dale couldn’t have turned it over as his hands are still at the exact same position.

Twin Peaks Fact: Madeleine Ferguson is from Missoula, Montana, hometown of series creator David Lynch


Episode 27 – “Variations on Relations”

Cooper and Truman try to decipher the hieroglyph from Owl Cave; Pete and Catherine obsess over the puzzle box; Annie and Cooper bond; Gordon Cole falls for Shelly; Tremayne holds a wine tasting at the Great Northern Hotel; and Windom Earle makes his next move.

Isn’t that…

  • Ted Raimi (Ash Vs Evil Dead, Legend of the Seeker, The Grudge, Spiderman, SeaQuest 2032, Spiderman 2, Spiderman 3, My Name is Bruce) as Heavy Metal Youth.

Keep an eye out for…

  • Gordon Cole (David Lynch) quotes the song “People” from Funny Girl (1968) to Cooper in the diner.
  • When Donna is looking at the postcard that James sent in the mail there is an envelope addressed to a Mr. Moore in Studio City, CA.


Episode 28 – “The Path to the Black Lodge”

Windom Earle captures Major Briggs to interrogate him to how much he knows about the Owl Cave paintings; Cooper receives a message from the other side; Donna makes a discovery on her birth certificate; and Wheeler leaves town suddenly as Audrey looks for him to say goodbye.

Isn’t that…

  • Willie Garson (Mr. Belvedere, Quantum Leap, Renegade, Mars Attacks!, NYPD Blue, The X-Files) as Heavy Metal Roadie.

Keep an eye out for…

  • Agent Cooper, Pete Martel, and an anonymous woman’s right hand all develop a slight tremor for a few seconds in at least one scene with no explanation given for the reason.
  • The position of the metal box changes between shots when Pete tries to crush it in a vice.

Twin Peaks Fact: After Ben Horne (Richard Beymer) turns over a new leaf and decides to do good in his life, his trademark cigars are gradually replaced by vegetables, with him nibbling on carrots and celery instead of smoking.


Episode 29 – “Miss Twin Peaks”

Thanks to Andy, Cooper and Truman decipher part of the secret of the Black Lodge. Cooper helps Annie prepare for the Miss Twin Peaks beauty contest. Major Briggs escapes from Earle with a little of Leo’s help. Catherine continues her battle to open the black box. Ed breaks up with Nadine, as he and Norma decide to move ahead with their plans. Lucy chooses Andy to be the father of her baby. The Miss Twin Peaks contest goes from frivolity to terror when Windom Earle crashes the event disguised as the Log Lady.

Isn’t that…

  • Jill Engels (SeaQuest 2032) as Trudy Chelgren.
  • JC Motes (Bloodfist III: Forced to Fight) as Double R Diner Cook

Keep an eye out for…

  • The position of the metal box changes between shots when Pete tries to crush it in a vice.
  • A reference to My Fair Lady (1964) when Dick tells Lana: “By George, I think you’ve got it.”


Episode 30 – “Beyond Life and Death”

Cooper must overcome his deepest fears as he tracks down Windom Earle, who has kidnapped Annie, and has taken her into the sinister realm of the Black Lodge. Meanwhile, Nadine awakens after being hit on the head during the “Miss Twin Peaks” pageant, and is devastated after seeing Big Ed with Norma. Dr. Hayward engages in a tussle with Ben Horne, knocking him into the fireplace mantle as revenge for interfering with his family’s affairs. The next day, as Truman and Andy wait for Cooper to return from the Black Lodge, Audrey stages an act of civil disobedience at the Twin Peaks Savings & Loan. Andrew and Pete obtain the safety deposit box key and try to unlock Thomas Eckhardt’s final box in the bank. The box contains a bomb left behind by Eckhart which explodes when opened… apparently killing Andrew and Pete. Major Briggs receives a message from Windom Earle, who conveys it through Sarah Palmer. Cooper embarks on a strange and fateful journey into the Black Lodge, which results in his ultimate downfall. Cooper bargains with Earle for Annie’s life. BOB appears and takes Earle’s soul. Cooper meets his own evil shadow self and his shadow self emerges from the Lodge with the soul of the doppelgänger inhabited by BOB.

Isn’t that…

  • Arvo Katajisto (Star Trek: The Next Generation) as Security Guard.

Keep an eye out for…

  • One of Laura Palmer’s last lines: “I’ll see you again in 25 years” refers to Cooper’s dream in season one (in which Cooper is an old man) when Laura Palmer whispered the name of her killer into Cooper’s ear. This understanding of the line is all but confirmed by the International version of the pilot. In this version, Cooper’s dream begins with the subtitle: “25 years later.”
  • In the bank scene, when the teller is bringing Audrey a glass of water, a boom mic is clearly visible at the top of the screen for several seconds.
  • When Cooper enters the Black Lodge he is wearing his coat, but when the scene changes and is shown inside the Black Lodge he doesn’t.

Twin Peaks Fact: Although “Beyond Life and Death” was the last of the television series, many scenes taking place after Episode 29 were originally filmed for the feature film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992). These scenes included the much-anticipated resolution to the series finale, revealing the fate of Annie Blackburn (who survives but is hospitalized) and Agent Cooper (whose soul remains trapped in the Black Lodge, with the Man from Another Place telling him that he will be there for several years). Due to running time, these scenes were cut, resulting in several main characters of the series not appearing in the film at all. Negotiations over the cost of remastering, editing, and scoring the deleted scenes fell through in 2007, but the scenes were finally completed for the 2014 Blu-ray release of the series and film together for the first time.

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