Cult TV Essentials


Cult was a television series created by Rockne S. O’Bannon that ran from February 19th to July 12th 2013 (13 episodes).

What was unique about Cult was its show within a show narrative that focused on journalist Jeff Sefton (Matthew Davis), whose search for his missing brother Nate, leads him to investigate the obsessive fans of a TV show called Cult.

Jeff joins forces with Skye Yarrow (Jessica Lucas), a research assistant on the TV show, and they soon discover that a secret group of fans may be responsible for a series of murders and abductions.

Meanwhile on the Cult TV series within the show, FBI Agent Kelly Collins played by Marti Gerritsen (Alona Tal) closes in on the men who abducted her sister and her nephew on the orders of the leader of Cult himself, Billy Grimm who is played by Roger Reeves (Robert Knepper).



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