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Legion of Super Heroes: The Great Darkness Saga

In the 30th century, Legion of Super-Heroes co-founder Cosmic Boy leads a group of Legionnaires to investigate attacks on the Museum of the Mystic Arts and the Tower of London, both located on Earth. Included in the squad is 20th-century member Superboy (the legendary Superman as a teenager) and the latest addition to the team—Jacques Foccart, the new Invisible Kid.

At each site they are attacked by beings of great power, both of whom are shrouded in darkness and mention that they are servants of their “Master” who controls the “Great Darkness”. Through the use of a teleportation warp, the beings escape with two stolen items: a mystical wand from the museum and the sword Excalibur from the Tower of London. When a third Servant attempts to steal the Orb of Orthanax from the Institute of Parapsychological Phenomena of Talok VIII, she is captured. However, a fourth Servant appears via another teleportation warp and absconds with the Orb. At his unknown base of operations, the Master absorbs the power contained within each of the stolen artifacts.

The captured Servant is taken back to Legion headquarters. When she is brought in close proximity to Invisible Kid’s younger sister Danielle Foccart, who has been possessed by the rogue artificial intelligence Computo, Danielle’s brain activity spikes. In effect, the Servant causes the unconscious Computo to have a nightmare…

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