Cult TV Essentials

Cult TV Essentials: Seven Color Mask

Created by Kōhan Kawauchi (who also created Moonlight Mask), Seven Color Mask was the first superhero TV series by Toei Company Ltd.. It ran from June 3rd 1959 to June 30th 1960, with a total of 57 episodes.

The plot follows a young detective named Kotarō Ran, who – unknown to anyone (even his friends), is a master of disguise, utilizing seven different personalities.

Most of his disguises are odd characters, like a magician and a cigar-smoking Indian, but Kotarō’s 7th disguise is the 2-gun-toting caped, golden-masked superhero, Seven Color Mask!

In the first story arc called Cobra Mask, the ally of justice Seven Color Mask must confront the evil Cobra Mask who terrorizes Japan. In the second story arc King Rose an armored car loaded with 80 million yen is attacked by the Masked Phantom King Rose. The police and Seven Color Mask must hunt down King Rose. The third story arc is called Red Jaguar. The fourth story arc is called Three Ace.

This series was “remade” by creator Kawauchi in 1972 as Warrior of Love Rainbowman.

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