Cult TV Essentials

Ike! Greenman

“I am Greenman. An envoy of God. I’m here to protect the children.”

Ike! Greenman was a Toho superhero series that ran for 52 episodes between November 12th 1973 and September 27th 1974.

The series opens deep beneath Japan where a demonic creature called Maoh plots his escape after being imprisoned there by God. But, in order to do this, he has to obtain the blood of human children, so summons his sidekick, Tonchiki to assist him. He also uses a legion of Kaiju and clay doll Phantoms (called Maoh-no Teshita) to assist him in his task.

However, his plans are quickly foiled after Greenman, a self-described “envoy of God”, descends from Space to do battle against Maoh’s pawns.

After his first battle on Earth, he gives the kids two devices called ‘Green Calls’, which can be used to summon him whenever the children are in danger.

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