Cult Cartoon Essentials

Cult Cartoon Essentials: The Terrible Thunderlizards

The Terrible Thunderlizards chronicled the misadventures of a trio of dinosaur mercenaries released from incarceration (for being falsely accused of helping an enemy Thuggosaur in a time of war) and charged with the task of eliminating two primitive human beings after scientists realize that if humanity is allowed to multiply it will mean the end of dinosaur supremacy.

However, despite their superior size and firepower and the obliviousness of their targets, the mercenaries always fail to kill the humans with comic results. Their usual preferred method of attacking the humans was throwing bombs full of bees, which upon impact would usually then go after the dinosaurs; forcing them to run to water to get away from the bees.

Although the mercenaries failed to eliminate the humans, they had better luck in defending Jurassic City from enemies, and had been successful in dangerous missions such as rescuing the kidnapped daughter of the president, which might explain why the team was allowed to continue working and not returned to prison.

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