Cult Movies

Cult Movie Essentials: Cleopatra Jones (1973)

At first glance she appears to be a global model but Cleopatra “Cleo” Jones (Tamara Dobson) is an undercover special agent for the United States Government. She is a martial arts master who drives a silver and black `73 Corvette Stingray which is tripped out with automatic weapons!

Although she travels the world she still remains loyal to her drug-ravaged community and her lover, Reuben Masters (Bernie Casey), who runs B&S House (a community home for recovering drug addicts).

The film opens with Cleo overseeing the destruction of a poppy field in Turkey belonging to the evil drug lord, Mommy (Shelley Winters). Mommy employs an all-male crew and a bevy of beautiful young women catering to her many wants. When she hears about her poppies’ demise, she plots revenge, ordering a corrupt policeman to raid the B&S House.

When Cleo returns to LA to arrest the police responsible for the raid, she continues to dismantle Mommy’s underworld drug business, thwarting her minions along the way, but Mommy wants revenge…

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