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Cult Movie Essentials: C.H.U.D. II – Bud The Chud (1989)

Following on from C.H.U.D. (1984) (although it has absolutely nothing to do with it apart from a few enzymes) comes C.H.U.D. II – Bud The Chud where a military experiment to create a race of super-warriors goes badly wrong (surprise!) and legions of murderous zombies are unleased upon a surburan neighborhood.

As the film opens the US Government have ordered a branch of the US Military to discontinue tests concerning “the C.H.U.D. project”, which is built around the idea that enzymes taken from the sewer dwelling creatures from C.H.U.D. can make hyper-effective killing machines in the army.

For unknown reasons (and they really are totally unknown!) the last specimen of the experiment (BUD the C.H.U.D.) is hidden away in a Centre for Disease Control in a small American town, where a trio of bumbling teenagers steal and accidentally reawaken him. Bud (Gerrit Graham) escapes and begins to forge an army of C.H.U.D.s.

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