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Transformers: All Hail Megatron (Deluxe Edition Hardcover)

This limited-edition hardcover of Transformers: All Hail Megatron is signed by Shane McCarthy and Trevor Hutchison and hand-numbered to 350.

This collection of the complete series has been packaged and presented in beautiful hand-assembled casing and silver metallic covers.

It is set one year after the events of Maximum Dinobots, and a traitor in the Autobot ranks has given the Decepticons the means to conquer the Autobots, win the Great War, and do as they will on the unprotected planet Earth. The Decepticons conquer New York City and hold the population hostage, and the United States military proves unable to stop them. The attack spreads to other cities around the globe as well.

Meanwhile, the Autobots are in a sorry state on Cybertron, with Optimus Prime in critical condition, the Matrix of Leadership in Decepticon hands, and a traitor suspected in their ranks. Tensions and tempers flare. The arrival of a second group commanded by Kup finally provides them with the energon needed to repair Optimus Prime, as well as more information about the betrayal, but the coming of the Insecticon Swarm drives the combined Autobot forces onto the defensive. During a running battle with the Swarm, Sunstreaker reveals thathe was the traitor and sacrifices himself to save the others. However, another reason for the betrayal is thatHunter O’Nion is now a captive of the Decepticons…

The Decepticons question their place now that the war is apparently over; Starscream begins to doubtMegatron’s goals and secretly teams up with some Decepticons in another bid to overthrow Megatron. A rebellion soon ensues.

The Autobots are saved from the Swarm by the timely arrival of Omega Supreme, who transports them to Earth. A pitched battle with the Decepticons follows. It is revealed that Sunstreaker betrayed the Autobots due to Bombshell messing with Hunter. The Decepticons are driven off; the intervention of a disgruntled Thundercracker prevents the European Union from nuking New York City, though he pays for his “betrayal”. Megatron is severely damaged by the combined efforts of Optimus Prime and the humans. The captive Hunter is euthanized by Sideswipe, and everyone angsts.

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