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Preview: Airwolf Airstrikes

Back in the golden age of ‘80s primetime, Airwolf offered something a little different from the other cool popcorn-style shows of the era. The moody, suspenseful series about a supersonic military stealth chopper was also about the reclusive Stringfellow Hawke’s attempt to rescue his MIA brother in a compelling “No One Left Behind” meta-story. And the interplay between our loner hero and the wisecracking co-pilot Dominic Santini made it television’s first “buddy spy” story. 
Lion Forge Comics, continuing its run of graphic novel TV reboots, has gone back to that source with Airwolf Airstrikes, a thrilling (and funny!) episodic page-turner with blistering dogfights and conspiracy-busting missions around the globe. Though this version serves as a modern update of the classic series, it picks up where the show left off, with Hawke and Santini on a series of adventures as they quell simmering international hazards before they combust in the most badass aerial combat weapon ever made. Sometimes it feels like it’s these two pals against the world, and it pretty much is when they can’t even entirely trust the top-secret military branch that employs them. 
The best thing about Airwolf Airstrikes is the jaw-dropping list of talent from across the comics industry crafting these mini-thrillers. With writers like Mike Baron (Nexus, Badger), Barbara Kesel (WildC.A.T.s, Sigil), and Marc Andreyko (Manhunter) along with artists Jean Froes (Wonder Woman) and Fabiano Neves (Vampirella, Red Sonja),just to name a few, this is a solid chunk of pop culture fun. Lion Forge has done right by fans of the original while making something brand new for fans of military and spy adventures today.  
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