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Preview: Knight Rider

Children of the ‘80s think of Knight Rider above all other TV shows from that primetime golden age, and with good reason — the smash-hit captivated audiences with its blend of spy-fi gadgetry, incredible stunts, scorching car chases, and a lot of snarky humor along the way. Basically, it was just plain fun to watch the thrilling secret life of Michael Knight unfold every week, a spirit of adventure and heroics that we need more of in comics. I’ve got good news for you if you agree; Lion Forge Comics is bringing Knight Rider back, hitting stores next week with turbo boost engaged.  
Written by television scribe Geoff Thorne (Law and Order, Ben 10) with explosive artwork from Jason Johnson(Generation X, The Flash, Wetworks), the graphic novel is a modern-day reboot but with all the important pieces intact. The first volume reveals the secret origin of KITT – everyone’s ultimate dream car – as Michael tries to rescue the kidnapped inventor of a military-grade AI program called “Project: Rider.”
A high-speed race through the streets and mountains of California quickly unfolds with guns blazing and tires screeching, but more importantly, we see a great friendship start from scratch as Michael and KITT figure each other out in the heat of battle, and how to work together as a team. It’s the Lone Ranger and Tonto for the 21st century, just as series creator Glen Larson envisioned it, and this “first” adventure packs a punch for both true fans and new readers who dream about having their own talking car. 
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