Cult Movies

Cult Movie Essentials: All Men are Brothers (1973)

All Men Are Brothers, also known as Seven Soldiers of Kung Fu, is a 1973 Hong Kong wuxia film based on the Chinese classical novel Outlaws of the Marsh aka The Water Margin. The film was produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio and featured the “Iron Triangle” of Chang Cheh, David Chiang, and Ti Lung.

All Men are Brothers is technically a sequel to The Water Margin but does also work as a stand alone movie. It continues the story of the 108 rebels of the Liang Shan mountains as they battle the corrupt government. This time, they are out to defeat another General; this one has taken up arms against them.

The rebels launch an all out assault on the General’s fortress but fail to take it in a bloody battle, so revert to subterfuge and send their best man to infiltrate the fortress and defeat the enemy from within, only the cover is blown and a battle to the death ensues…


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