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The Goldbergs

“Hey baby, ever tandem on a taun-taun? Ha not as dirty as it sounds!”

I haven’t enjoyed a sitcom this much since Only Fools & Horses, Porridge or Open All Hours. I know, I know, they were so long ago. But what,what I ask you has there been of any decency since the 90s? This series really does tick all the boxes for me.  The writer/creator/producer, Adam F. Goldberg, really does capture everything that was great about 80’s film.

It’s basically a complete homage to the very best of that decades moving pictures. The nostalgia is almost too much at some points. I know it’s a little sad but at the end of most, if not all the episodes I shed a tear or two while I immerse myself into the ‘Goldbergs’ universe. The creator bases each episode on a snippet of hishours and hours of home video he shot as a kid. So you get to see 25 minutes of a great comic performance by all the actors then to finish seconds or minutes of Adam F. Goldberg’s actual life.


These old 80s home videos really are something to behold, I love them.  The Goldbergs has everything if you are a massive fan of all things from that superb decade. You get to see the young ‘Adam’ go through life’s challenges that any 14 year old experiences in those times. You know the issues, what happens when your brother destroys Castle Grayskull, whenyou try to Mitch off and recreate Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.


From how to impress your first girlfriend with your Transformers or what you can use to ensure your very grown up sister takes you to see ‘Return of the Jedi’. I could go on forever, it really does make you feel like you’re a kid in that time again. I do mean it when I say every single episode of both seasons so far have made me nostalgic to my very core.


If you were born anywhere from 1970 to 1985 you will understand exactly what I mean. I’m 1978 just in case you wanted to know.  The ‘Goldbergs’ has its fair share of cheese like all American sitcoms seem incapable of ignoring, but I promise you, you can relate to them all.

There’s amazing points to be made like: the incessant waiting for the phone as there were no mobiles, the savagery of shopping before the internet, the rumours in the playground that became gospel truths but were complete bullshit, and most important of all like so many of us was that Mecca that was ‘the video shop’. That moment when your old man let you hire out Reanimator, Poltergeist, Aliens, Predator, Scarface, Society (oh yeah) or f**k it even Jacob’s Ladder (of course at 12 I had no idea what half of these films meant, the cases looked great, but god did I love them). I will never forget these aspects of my childhood. Taking those videos home placing them in the VCR (open top VCR), sorting the tracking out and them letting your life be changed by the genius of these films just can’t be beaten.

I could bleat on and on about this series but like I said, if you’reborn in these years then this is absolutely a must, must watch. Oh by the way the narration reminds you of Boy Meets World but so much better and the kid who plays Adam will blow you away.


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