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Cult TV Essentials: Phoenix 5

Phoenix Five is a low-budget Australian science fiction television series produced in 1970 by Artransa Park in association with the Australian Broadcasting Commission.

phoenix 3

Twenty-six half-hour episodes were produced and shown between 10th January 1970 – 3rd July 1970.

The series followed the adventures of the crew of the galactic patrol ship Phoenix Five, “the most sophisticated craft in the Earth Space Control Fleet.” This handpicked team:

  • Captain Roke, a typical captain with a solution to every problem, played by Mike Dorsey (Homicide, Number 96, The Young Doctors)
  • Ensign Adam Hargraves, a young space cadet always ready to shoot first and skip the questions, played by Damien Parker (Homicide, Big Sky).
  • Cadet Tina Culbrick, played by Patsy Trench (Doomwatch, Moonbase 3, Alternative 3).
  • Carl, a computeroid, played by Stuart Leslie (Homicide)

Phoenix 5 roamed the planets protecting galactic citizens and warding off the repeated plots and attacks of the evil humanoid Zodian, played by Redmond Phillips (The Invisible Man, Biggles, Concrete Jungle, The Avengers, Spy Force) and a rebel scientist Platonus, played by Owen Weingott (Home & Away, The Black Arrow).

phoenix 4

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