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Marvel Vs Those that own their film rights – The real reason for Secret Wars?

With all the chatter regarding Secret Wars it is easy to get caught up in the hype that surrounds it. Looking deeper though it would seem that perhaps Marvel had no other choice than to pull a “Crisis.”

We all know how successful the Marvel films have been – pretty much a license to print money – but Marvel have their hands tied in some areas due to them pimping out all their movie rights in the past to whoever had a shiny gold coin.

We know that in the current climate (despite the Sony leak) there will be no Spidermen, no X-Men, no Fantastic Four amongst others crossing paths with The Avengers. Marvel have in fact done their best to amend, play down or even cancel those titles.

With Sony’s Spiderman franchise in confusion there is a good chance Marvel do not want to be associated with them anyway – leaving the question – whilst Peter Parker might not appear, is there anything stopping Miles Morales bumping into The Avengers in New York?

Also The Inhumans will be a huge factor after what happens in Secret Wars. With Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch’s parentage already being ret-conned it would seem that Marvel are again making changes to allow them to present their product on film and television. Inhumans will become more prevalent than mutants.

What about the Nick Fury confusion? Is he black, white, or a clone? After Secret Wars, I get the impression everyone will always remember him as being the black Samuel L. Jackson version due the world’s “crashing together”.

As for The Fantastic Four‘s contribution to the Marvel universe, well between Agents of SHIELD introducing the Terrigen Mist, Tony Stark’s genius, Guardians of the Galaxy having Marvel Cosmic covered, and the upcoming Dr Strange covering the rest – who needs them?

The big clue to the fallout of Secret Wars and the rebuilding of the Marvel Universe lye in their upcoming movies and television (Agents of SHIELD, plus Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist – leading to The Defenders) plans. Everything must fit those, and this recreating of the Marvel Universe is their way round any rights issues, legal complications or continuity issues that may say otherwise.

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