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Long Pigs (2007)

“Long pig (Laung pig) n. Culinary term for the human corpse”

This is the greatest moc/documentary ever made. Truly the genres equivalent to Un Prophet or the wonderfully supreme series, Twin Peaks, I miss you David….

You have to start as anyone would have to start in saying: this is not real, I repeat, this is not real. We European Premiered (oh yes) this beauty in 2009 at the Alexandra’s screening night for Southampton Film Week. Each and every question that burnt my ears afterwards revolved around; how did they make it so real. What I have to say I was most impressed with was the acting of the main character, Anthony, played by the very exquisite Anthony Alviano. His ‘matter of fact’, everyday portrayal is really something to write home about.

Anthony is by far the most intriguing and worryingly likeable anti-hero in any horror film / documentary I have seen. But you can’t stop there, the writers, producers, directors; editors etc of the film, Nathan Hynes and Chris Power bring together a very interesting cast of people to this project. The Radio host, played superbly by Roger King is eerie in his degradation of the lead Anthony for the crimes he and monsters like him have committed. The Police Detective, played by the incredibly believable Shane Harbinson, grabs your attention and keeps it to the horror and realism of the Cannibalistic Serial Killer. Then there is ‘Merle’, the father of Anthony’s first victim, a young girl aged 7, once again played by a very capable Paul Fowles.

There is this scene where Anthony actually meets him and shakes his hand whilst helping our fearless filmmakers with the sound mic – truly a moment up there with a host of spine chilling bits in a huge compost heap full of mainstream, lovable horror films.

It was quite terrifying if you can immerse yourself in this gem of a soon to be cult classic. What impresses all that watch is the special effects, hence the 20 questions, “it’s not real…. Is it?”

When speaking with the filmmakers back at the time of the premiere, we had a lot in common. Nathan has two pubs both with plenty of film memorabilia in and around the bar. Most notably on their specials board reads ‘Long Pig Soup’. They tell me they are in the process of creating their next work of genius, I can’t wait.

From the early and deeply SHOCKING scene where our ‘hero’ Anthony ties a certain, um tube, so as not to ‘taint’ the meat – to my favourite scene, the beautifully edited ‘chopping of meat’ in the background to the nutcracker song.

A DEFINITE must watch.

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