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Hitman Vol. 1 – A Rage In Arkham

Meet Tommy Monaghan – just your usual run-of-the-mill ex-military operative who has set himself up as a hired gun on the back streets of Gotham City. What’s a little contract killing on the streets of Gotham?

First appearing in The Demon (Annual #2) we meet Monaghan as he is attacked and bitten by a Bloodline parasite known by the name of Glonth… but just as you think it’s all over it turns out the bite has triggered a metagene in Monaghan that results in him gaining x-ray vision and a form of telepathy. As cool as this sounds (and useful gifts for a contract killer) it turns his eyes solid black – a sight so freaky even Batman got shook up when he saw them.

As Monaghan develops his powers he discovers they have limits and prolonged use can make him ill but that doesn’t stop him getting the most out of them! In a move worthy of television shows like Dragon’s Den or The Apprentice – Monaghan spots a gap in the contract killer market and decides to specalise in killing metahumans and supernatural beings.

What sets HItman apart is the fact that whilst Monaghan has superpowers it is never forgotten that he was quite a resourceful chap to begin with – displays of his creativity, improvisational abilities, and deadly gunfighting skills are present. This is good as his new specialism leads him into conflict with almost everyone, be it superheroes, demons, gods, CIA, SAS, and even the Mafia!

The journey begins in Hitman Vol. 1 – A Rage In Arkham which collects The Demon Annual #2, The Batman Chronicles #4 and Hitman issues #1 to 3, written by Garth Ennis, with artwork and a cover by John McCrea.

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