Cult TV Essentials

Cult TV Essentials: Baffled! (1973)

Baffled! is a 1973 television movie intended as a pilot for a television series featuring an occult detective. It opens with race car driver Tom Kovack (Leonard Nimoy) experiencing psychic visions. Unfortunately for him at the time, he is in the lead of a race in Pennsylvania.


These vision make Kovack crash his car leaving him shook up but not injured. When questioned on TV about the crash, Kovack discusses his visions.   Psychic researcher and occult expert Michele Brent (Susan Hampshire) watches the interview and realises immediately that Tom’s vision was the real thing, that he’s a genuine psychic.

Brent contacts an initially sceptical Kovack and they soon beginning working together with Kovack continuing to have disturbing visions. They identify the images in his vision, in particular a Manor House, as coming from Wyndam, in Devon, England and decide to travel there.

The manor house that he saw in the vision is a stately home whose owner rents out rooms during the tourist season. Michele and Tom book rooms in the house and investigate further!

Once moved in a whole bunch of weirdness unravels including odd movie star Andrea Glenn (Vera Miles) and her stranger by the moment daughter Jennifer; a land lady who grows younger (Rachel Roberts) and a whole lot more!

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