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Cult Movie Essentials: Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005)

Well what can I say, the lesser of the three evils. This film was the one we all waited 4 hours and 38 seconds for. Revenge of the Sith promised everything: The moment the Emperor revealed himself; the moment Vader became Vader. The moment Vader sounded like Vader. The moment John Williams played the Vader music. The moment he breath…………… Ok I’m sorry, for the punctuation more than anything. So let’s be honest, this was the film that we all waited for. The probable accumulated 5 or 10 mins that defined why we wanted to watch this pile of shit in the first place. This was it. The
birth of the Skywalkers. The rise of the empire. The fall of the rebelli…

Here I go again!

I sat in the cinema, something I had not done prior to this film for over eight years since The Fifth Element (I know random). For some ignorant reason, even after seeing the tragedy of the first two films, I actually sat there mesmerised, filled with awe, optimism and blah blah blah…

I enjoyed certain aspects of the film that I will now proceed to describe in detail via bullet points. Similar to how George Lucas took the genius of certain writers and artists and said thanks! Thanks! Names on the posters George!!!!


Are you ready? So I really liked:

– Baby Boba
– General Grievous
– that noise that thing makes when Kenobi rides him (love that thing)
– Mace Windu dying (yea, and???)
– Order 66 (amazing) the one thing NO ONE saw coming
– that moment the Emperor chooses his name like it’s something
clutched from thin air.
– then the moment the Vader music starts for the very first time.
– when Darth Vader kills all the padawans (oh sorry that’s not in
there is it!!!!)
– that ping when the helmet goes on
– that moment he breathes



All in all I like to disagree with the majority of people and say ‘this is not the film I was promised when I watched a new hope for the first time’!

P.S. It’s funny I’m sure a lot you will agree we came away from this 3rd instalment thinking ‘that was pretty fucking good, or wow I’m glad we have closure’, when you sit and think….. this could have so much better, it should have been so much better, why the f**k wasn’t it so much better, and that feeling none more so than when you sit down and write about it like this.

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