Cult Movies

Cult Movie Essentials: Santo vs. The Vampire Women (1962)

Santo vs. The Vampire Women aka Santo contra las mujeres vampire sees Santo venture into the horror market which was having a boom period globally at the time.

The audience are introduced to a coven of some extremely crusty faced vampire women become super hot after a blood ritual. Their queen wants them to kidnap her successor so the queen can go to Hell and live with her hubby Satan – as you do! The queen to be is the unaware daughter of some crazy professor.

Well the vampires and their 3 male vampire slaves(clearly wrestlers)generally bite necks and raise havoc. After a couple of botched kidnapping attempts the professor calls in our hero – the man in the silver mask – El Santo! Who uses his sports car and upgraded “Santo Cave” to find the vampires.

After several fights the daughter is kidnapped and taken to the haunted house to be prepared for the blood ritual. Santo arrives in but takes a kicking. He is chained next to the girl who will be queen. Will Santo somehow save the day?

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