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Cult TV Essentials: The Voice from the Sky

The Voice from the Sky is a 1930 science fiction film serial directed by Ben F. Wilson. The film was considered to be a lost film, but was recently rediscovered. This is the first serial film to have full sound.


A crazed scientist calling himself The Voice from the Sky broadcasts his voice all across the globe, and threatens to suspend all energy in the earth’s atmosphere and turn day into night unless the world immediately destroys all arms and vehicles of warfare. U. S. Secret Service agent Jack Deering is sent to Arizona to investigate, where he meets the scientist’s daughter Jean. The ten-episode battle then ensues between Deering, a spy for the Russian government, an agent from Scotland Yard, and a mysterious cloaked “Man from Nowhere,” who pursue each other from Canada to California in the attempt to acquire the “secret of the air.”


  • Wally Wales – Jack Deering, U. S. Secret Service
  • Neva Gerber (as Jean Delores) – Jean Lovell
  • Robert Walker – Edgar Ballin
  • J. P. Lockney – Geoffrey Mentor
  • Al Haskell – Henchman ‘Patch-Eye’
  • Cliff Lyons – Henchman ‘Humpy’
  • John C. McCallum – J. C. Gates
  • Merle Farris – Mrs. Deering (Jack’s mother)
  • The Man from Nowhere (a mysterious black-cloaked figure)

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