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Cult Movie Essentials: The Boogey Man (1980)

The Boogeyman is a 1980 American supernatural slasher horror film directed by Ulli Lommel and stars Suzanna Love, John Carradine and Ron James. The film concerns two children, Willy and Lacey who are punished by their mother’s boyfriend, but soon take revenge as Willy stabs the boyfriend with a kitchen knife while Lacey sees a hanged mirror witnessing the event. 20 years later, Lacey and Willy, now adults are being terrorized by an unseen force and now what they believe as, the spirit of their mother’s boyfriend is starting to strike up for revenge on the two. It was followed by Revenge of the Bogey Man (aka Boogeyman 2) and Return of the Boogeyman.


  • Suzanna Love as Lacey
  • Ron James as Jake
  • John Carradine as Dr. Warren
  • Nicholas Love as Willy
  • Raymond Boyden as Kevin


The film opens with Willy and Lacey as children watching their mother and her lover preparing to have sex. When the mother notices this, The mother’s boyfriend ties Willy to a bed and tells Lacey to go to bed, but Lacey frees him with a kitchen knife and Willy soon takes revenge. While the boyfriend has sex with the mother, Willy enters the room and repeatedly stabs his mother’s boyfriend to death in the back with the kitchen knife, as the murder is witnessed by a reflecting mirror on the wall.

20 years later, Lacey, now an adult is married with a young son and lives with her aunt and uncle on a farm. Willy also lives with them, but has not spoken a word since the night he killed his mother’s lover, and sometimes, Willy takes various knives from the kitchen and hides them in a drawer.

Lacey suffers from nightmares, and has a particularly frightening dream where she is dragged, tied to a bed and stabbed with a kitchen knife by an unseen person. Her husband, Jake, takes her to a psychiatrist to help her confront her fears, and they decide to visit the house she grew up in. They arrive not knowing who is actually living there, and they meet two teenage girls and their younger brother. Their parents, the homeowners, have apparently just placed the home for sale and then gone out of town, and the daughter thinks Lacey and Jake have been sent by the real estate company to view the house. Jake and Lacey pretend they want to buy the house so they can look around. At the house, however, Lacey sees a reflection of her mother’s dead lover coming towards her in a mirror in the bedroom where he died, and smashes the mirror in a panic with a chair. Her husband takes the broken mirror with him in an attempt to repair it, but a piece is left behind which later glows red as the teenage girls and their brother are all killed by an unseen force. The murderous spirit of the dead lover has been released from the mirror.

Willy is also having problems with mirrors. Seeing his reflection in one causes him to nearly strangle a girl and so he paints all the mirrors in the house black. Later, pieces of a broken mirror in a bag at his feet cause a pitchfork to levitate and nearly impale him, but misses the attack, as he gets saved from it.

Another shard from the broken mirror becomes stuck to Lacey’s son’s shoe, and when it reflects the sunlight onto a group of nearby teens they are also killed, including a couple who are killed when the boyfriend is stabbed through the back of the neck with a screwdriver with the blade exiting through his mouth, while his girlfriend is forced into the car via the car’s door and pushes onto the screwdriver’s blade, killing her as well. Soon, Lacey then tries to get in the house, only to see that her shirt starts to tear apart from an unseen force.

Later, Lacey’s husband brings in the family priest to investigate the mirror, only to see that when the priest’s hand touches the mirror, the mirror turns red and soon, a piece of the mirror floats from the mirror and becomes lodged over Lacey’s eye and she becomes possessed by the evil spirit of her mother’s lover. It is only through the actions of the family priest that the shard is removed (In which, the family priest gets killed by various floating knives) and thrown into water, where it bursts into flames as he dies from his wounds. The remainder of the mirror is thrown into a well, where the same thing happens, as an explosion releases and thus, destroying the mirror once and for all.

The film ends with Lacey, her husband and the children visiting the graveyard, only to notice that one last mirror shard, missed by Lacey and her husband, glowing red on the ground, showing that the terror is not over and setting up the events for the sequel.


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