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Aikoku Sentai Dai-Nippon (1982)

Aikoku Sentai Dai-Nippon (aka Patriotic Squadron Great Japan) was a 1982 movie made by Daicon Films. It is a parody Super Sentai shows and is also a satire of the Russo-Japanese War, with the members of the title team (Ai Kamikaze, Ai Harakiri, Ai Sukiyaki, Ai Geisha, and Ai Tempura) fighting the evil […]

Kanpai Senshi After V

“The police and Self-Defense Force were powerless against evildoers hellbent on ruling the world. A new organization was created to defeat these villains… The Golden Warriors Treasure V: A team of five combat specialists. However, their drinking parties after battles became better known than the battles themselves, and […]

Masked Rider 1 is coming!

On New Year’s Day, Toei Co. announced their 2016 “Superhero Year” project commemorating the anniversaries of the studio’s Kamen Rider and Super Sentai franchises with new movies, home videos, TV programs, and events. The first major release will be the feature film MASKED RIDER 1, opening nationwide in […]