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Cult TV Essentials: Space Sheriff Sharivan

Following on from Space Sheriff Gavan came the second installment of the Metal Hero series: Space Sheriff Sharivan.  Running from March 1983 through  until February 1984, Sharivan was a direct sequel to Gavan maintaining its continuity and assorted characters. This continuity started in Space Sheriff Gavan,where Den Iga is attacked by […]

Dragon Emperor crowdfund project underway

The live action movie of the Dragon Emperor manga is all underway if a crowd funding project is successful.  The movie will co-star two legendary tokusatsu actors, Kenji Ohba (Battle Kenja/Denji Blue/Space Sheriff Gavan) and Hiroshi Watari (Space Sheriff Sharivan/Dimensional Warrior Spielvan). The film will focus on a mysterious “fixer” […]