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Sadako is coming!

The latest film of The Ring horror franchise titled Sadako has been announced. It will star Elaiza Ikeda as a psychiatrist named Mayu Akikawa. The film will be based on Koji Suzuki’s latest Ring novel Tide, and will show the origins of Sadako. How this links to Ring […]

New Rings trailer released

Coming in February 2017 is the sequel we have been waiting for – Rings. Directed by F. Jaier Gutiérrez, and written by Jacob Aaron Estes, Akiva Goldman and David Loucka, the film is based on the novel by Koji Suzuki: ‘Rings’ stars Alex Roe, Aimee Teegarden, Johnny Galecki, Lauren […]

Dark Water (2002)

Among the many things the contrived American Horror Story: Roanoke ripped off (sorry paid homage to *cough*), it was finale that left me thinking of the film I am going to write about today. Dark Water was based on the tale Floating Water (浮遊する水; Fuyū Suru Mizu) taken from Koji Suzuki’s 1996 […]

Cult Movie Essentials: Ringu (1998)

It was the horror sensation that brought Japanese horror to the masses. Directed by Hideo Nakata and adapted from the novel Ring by Kôji Suzuki, which in turn draws on the Japanese folk tale Banchō Sarayashiki came the tale of a videotape… Two teenagers, Masami (Hitomi Satō) and Tomoko (Yūko Takeuchi), […]