Cult Movie Essentials

Dark Water (2002)

Among the many things the contrived American Horror Story: Roanoke ripped off (sorry paid homage to *cough*), it was finale that left me thinking of the film I am going to write about today.

Dark Water was based on the tale Floating Water (浮遊する水; Fuyū Suru Mizu) taken from Koji Suzuki’s 1996 short story anthology.  The tale follows a divorced mother, Yoshimi Matsubara (played by Hitomi Kuroki)  who moves into a rundown apartment with her daughter, and experiences supernatural occurrences including a mysterious water leak from the floor above.

The mother discovers that a small girl vanished from the building a year previously, and begins to investigate the connection between her disappearance and a series of terrifying events taking place around the flat.

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