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Preview- Trumptonshire: The Complete Collection (Bluray Box Set)

Thanks to Fabulous Films you can enjoy Gordon Murray’s timeless classics in the Trumptonshire Trilogy: Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley boxset containing all 39 original episodes fully restored from the original negatives.

Starting in 1966 with Camberwick Green, then Trumpton in 1967 and finally Chigley in 1969, this iconic British animation trilogy was aired repeatedly on the BBC until 1985 and later broadcast on Channel 4 and Nickleodeon Jnr.

According to writer and producer Gordon Murray, the three title communities are based on real undisclosed locations one and a half miles apart on an equilateral triangle. They are thought to be Wivelsfield Green (Camberwick Green), Plumpton (Trumpton), and Chailey (Chigley), which are neighbouring communities in a roughly triangular configuration in Lewes District, East Sussex. Although, rumour has it that Miss Lovelace’s Hat shop in Camberwick Green was based on Fulmer Stores in Buckinghamshire, now renovated into a delightful 3 bedroom property and currently up for sale.

Trumptonshire has been spoofed many times over the years with versions such as “Gamberwick Greenbelt” in Spitting Image starring “Old Nicky Ridley, the village idiot” (Nicholas Ridley) in 1988 (which was then resurrected in 2015 as a cartoon strip in Private Eye). “Camberwick Greggs” in VIZ in 2011 where Micky Murphy the baker gets driven out of business by a Greggs opening nearby and Trumptown where a caricature of Donald Trump builds a wall between Trumptown and Chigley.

Gordon Murray wrote the script and recorded the show as a voice production- before filming it in stop-motion. Therefore narrator Brian Cant “..had no idea what the show would even look like” when he started working on Camberwick Green, “I knew the characters were kind of ploddy, but I never saw a set until I eventually watched it on the box. When I did, I was thrilled. My favourite character was Windy Miller. He used to like a bit of cider, and plod his way through the spinning arms of the windmill.”

Extras: Exclusive interview with creator Gordon Murray, filmed on his 90th Birthday in May 2011. Creating Trumptonshire Featurette. Photo Gallery.

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