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Why Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future was ahead of its time!

The Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future TV series, which aired from 1987 to 1988, was ahead of its time in several ways, it was so ahead in fact, that parents freaked out and it was cancelled after one season due to the sex, violence and commercialism in its episodes. All we have is a story outline for what was to be Season 2…

  1. Interactive TV: Captain Power was the first TV series to use interactive technology, where the viewer could participate in the action by shooting at targets on the screen using a toy gun. This was a new and innovative way to engage viewers, and it paved the way for future interactive experiences in TV shows and video games.

2. High-quality special effects: The show’s special effects were cutting-edge for its time, incorporating live-action footage with computer-generated graphics in a way that was seamless and realistic. This level of visual effects was not commonly seen in TV shows at the time, and it helped to establish a new standard for what was possible in terms of visual storytelling.

3. Mature themes: Captain Power dealt with mature themes such as war, loss, and redemption in a way that was uncommon for children’s programming at the time. The show was not afraid to tackle difficult issues, and it helped to push the boundaries of what was considered acceptable for children’s entertainment.

4. Strong female characters: The show featured several strong female characters, such as the intelligent and resourceful Jennifer “Pilot” Chase and the tough and determined Corporal “Tank” Ellis. These characters were not simply sidekicks or love interests but were fully realized and complex individuals in their own right, breaking down gender stereotypes that were prevalent in much of 1980s pop culture.

Overall, Captain Power was a groundbreaking series that pushed the limits of what was possible in terms of TV production, storytelling, and audience engagement. It set a new standard for sci-fi and action-adventure shows and continues to be remembered as a cult classic by fans of the genre and definitely needs to be revisited and brought back!

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