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The Midwich Cuckoos Ep. 1: Bad Things

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After the credits we have flashbacked a few years as Zoë and Sam move into their house for the first time. We are also introduced to Dr. Susannah Zellaby (Keeley Hawes), her daughter Cassie Zellaby (Synnøve Karlsen), DCI Paul Haynes (Max Beesley) and his wife Deborah (Jade Harrison), local M.P. Stewart McLean (Mark Dexter), his wife Sarah (Amy Cudden), and their daughter Charlotte (Darcie Smith) and a host of other residents of Midwich. All of which seem a little miserable and all seem to have something to hide.

Soon a big power cut phenomenon happens and everyone with a certain radius is rendered unconscious, hours later they wake up and it appears that if you are female, you may have a surprise!

Verdict: 6/10. It is always hard to judge an opening episode as you have not yet seen the full story and I appreciate the makers of the show are trying to put their spin on a well-known story but it just seems to come across as a bit miserable. The Wyndham fan in me will hang around to see how this develops but the show has yet to hook me in.

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