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Preview- Horizon Forbidden West: Official Strategy Guide (Hardcover)

See the Forbidden West as Only Future Press Can Show You It!

The Forbidden West is as sprawling and beautiful an open world as any yet created. It’s also a very dangerous place―a corrupted land, filled with warring factions and deadly machines. There’s a lot more to learn about the world that Aloy inhabits, and if you want to see it all you’ll need help surviving. After many months working closely with the developers at Guerrilla, Future Press is proud to present the complete official guide to Horizon Forbidden West. This premium, 600+ page hardback book goes into exacting detail on every part of an equally massive game.

You can pre-order HERE.

Get the Ultimate Guide to…

…the Combat

There’s a world of tactical options available to Aloy, and a vastly expanded set of weapons, outfits and skills to play with. Learn every weapon’s tricks and hidden benefits, as well as all the best combinations and synergies.

…the Quests

Horizon Forbidden West’s many quests and activities offer a great variety of challenges. We make completing them all as clear and as simple as possible, with a spoiler-limiting focus on preparation and optimal routes.

…the Machines

Over 200 pages are dedicated to dissecting the game’s biggest attractions: the 40+ intricately designed machines that stalk the Forbidden West. Learn how to evade their every attack and always have the best strategies at hand to take them down.

…the World

We have carefully mapped the entire Forbidden West―adding valuable items not found on the in-game map― and our Region Guide will give you a comprehensive view of everything each area contains. Combine this with detailed progression sections to always know what you need and where to get it.

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