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Moments in Cult: Cage on Wogan

Let us be thankful that we live in an era in which Nicholas Cage can be unapologetically: Nicholas Cage. There never was nor never shall be another human like Nicolas Cage. He does things his way because to do things any other way would be to forsake the purpose of being Nicolas Cage. In a rational world, future academy award winner Nic Cage walks out on stage, addresses the audience with a courteous wave hello, shakes the presenter’s hand, then sits down for a friendly chat. What actually happens is something with a little more, shall we say, dramatic flair?

He does a somersault!

Knowing what we know of him now, Nicolas Cage signalling his arrival with a somersault seems like the most reasonable thing in the world.

Having completed one of the most impressive feats of gymnastics outside the Olympics Nic rounds things off with a simple *clap*.

That should be enough. If you can’t make your point with a somersault, what else can you do?

But wait, what has he got in his pocket?

It’s cash money. Cold, hard, lovely money and the audience shall have it all.

‘You get a dollar! And you get a dollar!’

What’s better than throwing money? Karate.

Nicolas then sits down for the interview.

For some reason, Nic feels he has to justify what just happened. He apologises, saying that he was ” wound up back there”. It’s no problem, Nic. We all get wound up back there sometimes, and sometimes you just have to do a somersault, throw money at strangers and karate kick the moon. The conversation proceeds.

But Nicolas Cage is heated under all that leather, so he must avail himself of his clothing.

No washboard abs, no pecs of steel, just pure unadulterated Cage.

Not content with taking his shirt off, he punctuates it with a one-two-three punch to the air.

Then he clips his mic back on and swashes his hair aside like none of that happened.

And that’s what happens when you’re Nicolas Cage. Things happen, but sometimes it’s like they didn’t happen.

It doesn’t matter whether things happen or not. What matters is that Nicolas Cage happened. Or did he? It would be logical to think that Nicolas Cage did not happen. For what man could ever embody the spirits of nature in such a way as he?

For a little context; this interview was to promote ‘Wild at Heart’ the black comedy romantic crime film written and directed by David Lynch and starring Nicolas Cage, Laura Dern, Diane Ladd, with Willem Dafoe.

But who needs context?

Enjoy the full spectacle here…

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