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Preview- Thunderbird 6 (DVD/Bluray)

International Rescue is back on DVD in another action packed adventure! The combined efforts of the entire team is at full stretch. The Tracy family will need to be on top form with the cunning assistance of Lady Penelope and Parker to defeat the ring of terrorists who’ve targeted them for destruction! Don’t they know who they are fucking with?

 Written by Gerry Anderson and his wife Sylvia, and directed by David Lane (Superman: The Movie), this sequel to 1966’s Thunderbirds Are Go was the second film to be adapted from the 1960s television series Thunderbirds

While on the maiden voyage of the fabulous new passenger vessel Skyship One, Lady Penelope is shocked to discover that the crew has been killed and replaced by a ruthless gang of hijackers who want to use her to obtain classified information and launch Thunderbirds to their destruction. As the hijackers’ super-plane circles the globe on a collision course with catastrophe, Penelope must outwit her captors and send an urgent SOS to her fearless cohorts at International Rescue before it’s too late!

You can preorder now on DVD and Bluray.

Breaking The Law:

Despite it being a puppet movie, many of the stunts were done with real people and full size equipment including a famous scene where the Tiger Moth plane swoops under a motorway bridge. World War 2 pilot Joan Hughes was charged with seven counts of dangerous flying for this stunt. In addition to her court case, filming permission was revoked immediately, leading to the sequence being completed with miniatures.

Filming Facts

  • The delivery of meals by toy train in the restaurant scene pre-empted the arrival of Yo Sushi by 40 years and was copied by numerous Japanese restaurants.
  • The puppet of Cliff Richard, used in the film Thunderbirds Are Go makes a cameo appearance, disguised with thick-rimmed glasses and a moustache, sitting behind Lady Penelope at the Whistle Stop Inn.
  • When it is 11am on Tracy Island, it is 4pm in England. Unless the world’s time zones have changed by 2067, this puts Tracy Island somewhere just off the coast of Chile or Peru.

Special Features: Gerry Anderson’s Countdown to Thunderbirds, Lady Penelope, Building Better Puppets, Photo Gallery, A Call From Stanley Kubrick, Tiger Moth Featurette, A Television Tribute, Original USA Theatrical Trailer, Audio Commentary with Producer Sylvia Anderson and Director David Lane, Isolated Score Track, International Rescue Danger Zone Report 02 Booklet.

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