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Cult Faction Podcast Ep. 5: Murders! Monsters! and Mutations!

Discussions this week include Raya and the Last Dragon, James Nesbitt’s Bloodlands, Wheel of Time, Resident Alien, Krull, The Tangle, how awesome The Banishing looks, The Colour Out Of Space, Willy’s Wonderland, Sensation, Godzilla Vs Kong, Stephen King and The Duffer Brothers teaming up for The Talisman, David Hasselhoff playing David Hasselhoff, The Wonder Years reboot, Cruella, Black Widow, Game of Thrones spinoffs and the word Noir!

The detailed breakdown:

  • Paul’s been watching Raya and the Last Dragon
  • Damian and Paul give their verdict on James Nesbitt’s cop drama Bloodlands
  • Paul gives us an indepth background of new Amazon show Wheel of Time
  • Brett continues his one man campaign to get us all watching Resident Alien
  • Damian revisits fantasy/SciFi classic Krull and discovers who dubbed the voice for Robbie Coltrane!
  • Brett gives an over view of new SciFi thriller The Tangle and we all try and figure out how to pronounce Noir
  • We all look forward to The Banishing
  • We get Paul’s verdict on The Colour Out Of Space
  • Damian looks forward to Willy’s Wonderland
  • Brett looks forward to Amazon show Sensation
  • Another look at the Godzilla v Kong as the new trailer dropped this week

And in News headlines:

  • The Duffer Brothers new show based on Stephen Kings book Talisman
  • We all get excited that David Hasslhoff will be playing David Hasslhoff in a new German TV show
  • Our thoughts on the news they are rebooting The Wonder Years
  • We rejoice at the news Resident Alien is being renewed for a 2nd season
  • Brett and Paul discuss if we need Cruella or Black Widow
  • Finally do we need 6 spinoffs from Game of Thrones?
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