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Corvette Summer (1978)

Directed by Matthew Robbins, Corvette Summer follows the adventures of Kenny W. Dantley Jr. (Mark Hamill), a car-loving Southern California high school senior who recues a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray from inside an operating car crusher in a scrapyard and helps rebuild it as part of a school project. he customises it into a right-hand-drive car with flashy bodywork.

Just after he finishes he restoration work on teh car it is stolen and Kenny receives word that it has been spotted in Las Vegas, Kenny immediately sets out to take back the stolen car. On the way, he meets self-described “prostitute trainee.” Vanessa (Annie Potts) who helps him on his quest!

The film also features Kim Milford, Jonathan Terry, Stanley Kamel, Eugene Roche, Danny Bonaduce, Brion James, T.K. Carter and Dick Miller.

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