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Tooth 4 Tooth trailer released

Tooth 4 Tooth is an upcoming short film directed & co written by Matthew Maio Mackay and Ben P. Robinson; in the movie the streets have always been dangerous for those who are hated and misunderstood. Chris and his fellow drag artists know this only too well. As if the constant harassment from a new group of street preachers in the city wasn’t threatening enough, people are beginning to be found murdered with the victims’ bodies being drained of blood. When a friend is killed, Chris begins to suspect that the street preachers are involved. He’s not the only one on the case – Dove, an activist who post videos of the street preachers’ abuses online, is following them too. Things are not what they seem in the city at night, as the two find themselves caught in the middle of an ancient war between those who feed on the blood of the fearful and those who feed on the blood of the hateful. Nothing will be the same again.


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