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Cult Video Game Essentials: Mr. Wimpy

The 1984 Mr. Wimpy video game was a promotional tie with Wimpy restaurants with their logos, company mascots, and theme tunes reproduced. It took the form of a platform game and was released by Ocean Software for the Oric 1, ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro, and Commodore 64.

In the game Mr. Wimpy (who starts with four lives) has the task of crossing his kitchen to collect various ingredients from his larder to make burgers. Now this does not sound too hard but moving manholes appear that he could fall down. As an added hazard, a character called Waldo tries to steal these ingredients from him.

Following the first level the game is just a modified version of BurgerTime clone where the player must guide Mr. Wimpy across the platforms while walking over four various burger ingredients, which in turn causes them to crash to the platform below and finally to the four plates at the bottom. Mr. Wimpy must also avoid various enemies including Sid Sos, Ogy Egg, Sam Spoon, and Pam Pickle. The player can spray pepper at the enemies, which temporarily freezes them for a few seconds. Enemies can also be trapped and squashed by walking over burger ingredients while they are on the level below.

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