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Cult Video Game Essentials: Cobra

Cobra was a 1986 platform game based on the Sylvester Stallone film of the same name. It was developed and published by Ocean Software, and was released in Europe for Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 (C64), and ZX Spectrum.

It was a side-scrolling platform game where the player controls Lieutenant Marion “Cobra” Cobretti, a cop who must rescue a model, Ingrid, from a villain known as the Night Slasher.

As Cobra walks through the game he must avoid various enemies that include members of Night Slasher’s gang, and people with bazookas. To start with Cobra is unarmed and only has a headbutt as a defense. Weapons such as knives, pistols, and laser-sighted machine guns can be found inside hamburgers which are laying around in each level.

Gameplay takes place across three levels: a city, a rural area, and a factory with Cobra ultimately facing off against the Night Slasher in the factory at the end.

There were some noticeable differences between versions including the ZX Spectrum version using boxing gloves located at the bottom of the screen to  indicate the number of lives (with the Rocky theme playing when a new life was used) where as in the C64 version snake heads were used.

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