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Kickstarter Watch- Ren: The Girl with the Mark

Ren: The Girl with the Mark is a live-action short-form fantasy-adventure series produced in the UK by Mythica Entertainment. The brainchild of Kate Madison, known for her phenomenally popular Lord of the Rings fan film Born of Hope, and award winning actor Christopher Dane, the first season was released on YouTube in 2016.

Now, Ren is back to fund new episodes and continue the story, with the help of a global audience of fans and supporters.

With 8 million YouTube views, 14 international awards and over 60 nominations, Ren: The Girl with the Mark is one of the most successful genre web series in the world. Season One is available to watch on YouTube, Starbaby TV, Amazon Prime (US, UK and Germany), The Fantasy Network and Seed & Spark.

The team behind the show plan to continue from where they left off, following Ren as she’s pursued by the Kah’Nath while also dealing with being wrenched from everything familiar. Ren was torn away from her friends and family at the end of last season and thrown together with the outlaw Hunter. Ren desperately wants to find Karn and her brother, she needs answers and cannot abandon Baynon like she feels her parents did to her. Hunter joins her on her quest, he wants to help her, or is there more to it than that? Does he have his own agenda?

The pair don’t have much time to figure out a plan before the pursuing Kah’Nath catch up to them Ren’s new bond with the Mahri spirit starts to grant her memories from those Nuh’Mahri who came before but will she be able to figure out the powers that now start to develop without a guide to show her the way?

Many of the main characters in Season One play an important role in Ren’s journey so although we will be focusing on Ren we will also learn the fates of others as we move forward. There will even be some new characters to introduce as the story continues, some may be fleeting but others may become significant players in Ren’s story.

As Ren begins to come to terms with the circumstances she finds herself in, she will start to explore not only the physical world around her but the very fabric of society and the truths she has always been taught…

To back the project CLICK HERE.

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